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Proper Japanese Title: ヒーローショーに行くのダ!! Hero Show ni Iku no Da!!

Chapter Titles

  • Bub 153: General (大将 Taishō)
  • Bub 154: Showdown of the Child Carrying Gang Leaders (子連れ番長対決 Kozure Banchō Taiketsu)
  • Bub 155: End of the School Trip!! (修学旅行おしまい!! Shūgaku Ryokō O Shimai!!)
  • Bub 156: Baby Driver (赤ちゃんドライバー Aka Chan Doraibā)
  • Bub 157: We're Going To the Hero Show!! (ヒーローショーに行くのダ!! Hīrō Shō ni Iku no Da!!)
  • Bub 158: We're Going To Be In the Hero Show!! (ヒーローショーに出るのダッ!! Hīrō Shō ni Deru no Da'!!)
  • Bub 159: Conclusion of the Hero Show!! (ヒーローショー決着!! Hīrō Shō Ketchaku!!)
  • Bub 160: Video Letter (ビデオレター Bideo Retā)
  • Bub 161: Saint Marcus Private Academy of Fine Arts (私立サンマルクス修道学院 Shiritsu San Marukusu Shūdō Gakuin)
  • Special: Beelzebubbubbub (べるぜバブバブバブ Beruzebabubabubabu)

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