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    A hero who tried to join the Justice League International because he felt the British should be represented.

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    Though claiming descent from the British aristocracy, Michael Morice was the nervous son of a coal miner and a little known BBC actress who married in the delivery room just as Michael was born. In adulthood, Morice himself married a shrewish wife and became liaison to Justice League International. Believing the JLI should have a British representative in its ranks, Morice took up the battle rod and colourful uniform of his father, who fought the Nazi's in World War II as the first Beefeater, often partnered with General Glory. At the JLI's Parisian embassy, the new Beefeater's arrogant petition for membership was interrupted by an accidental battle with the Green Lantern Kilowog, a comedy of errors that leveled the building. Later, the hapless Beefeater battled the villainous Eclipso and suffered a humiliating defeat. Morice apparently learned his lesson and mothballed the Beefeater costume once more.


    Michael is first seen in the Who's Who: Embassy Staff section of Justice League International 3, where he's given a brief paragraph about his history. It isn't until Justice League Europe 20 that we learn about his Beefeater persona.

    Major Story Arc

    Rue Britannia

    Michael is working at the Justice League International Embassy in London when he decides that the Justice League should have a British member, so he finds his father's Beefeater costume and power staff in the attic. His wife catches him in the attic and tries to persuade him against trying to be a superhero. He points out that his father was the beefeater that ran with General Glory, his wife points out the General Glory was a comic book hero. She goes on to tell Michael, that his father only really used the power staff to win bar bets. Michael will hear none of it and heads off for the airport.

    When he arrives at the Embassy in France there is large group of French people are crowding the gate. Michael quickly changes into his costume and expects everyone to recognize him and give him respect. Of course they do not and most of them laugh and make jokes. He ignores them and uses his ID badge to enter the gate and go inside the mansion.

    Once inside he triggers Kilowog's, work in progress, security system, and when Kilowog shows up Michael believes him to be an invader. Micheal tries to blast Kilowog with his power staff but misses and shoots the Tachyon power unit. Kilowog releasing whats about to happen carries Michael out of the Embassy before it blows up behind them.

    Outside the Justice League watches as there home explodes and then they all turn to Beefeater laying on the round who can only say "Fine then Blame Me!"


    The Beefeater is one of the few heroes who attend Booster Gold's funeral, as one of the pallbearers. Others include the Blimp and Mind-Grabber Kid.

    Blackest Knight

    Grant Morrison's version of Beefeater w/Batman
    Grant Morrison's version of Beefeater w/Batman

    For more information see : Batman and Robin

    Beefeater later appears as the jailer in Basement 101, a special maximum security prison underneath the Tower of London designed to house super criminals.


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