Character » Beedrill appears in 25 issues.

    Poison Bee Pokemon It is Extremely Dangerous it's posion barbs inject enough Toxin to take down a Gyrados.

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    Beedrill is a Bug/poison Pokemon and the final form of Weedle. Beedrill is a very fast and dangerous Pokemon, because it can flap it's wings faster then the speed of sound; and it's barbs can inject a dangerous poison. Beedrill is found in the forest area of most maps, and it always travels in a swarm. In the anime a Beedrill attacked Ash but he was saved by his evolving metapod. Ash also caught a Beedrill but he gave it to Casey. Beedrills while a Powerful Pokemon are often territorial, which is why most trainers don't bother to mess with them

    Height: 3'03"

    Weight: 65 lbs.

    Number: 15

    Abilities: Swarm

    Evolution: Weedle -> Kakuna -> Beedrill

    Appearances in the anime

    1. Ash Caputred a Beedrill but gave it away.
    2. In Pokemon Chronicles Casey uses the Beedrill ash gave away.
    3. Jimmy uses a Beedrill in Pokemon chronicles.
    4. Jeneatte used a Beedrill against ash's Bulbasuar.

    Appearances in the games

    1. Red
    2. blue
    3. yellow
    4. Gold
    5. Silver
    6. Crystal
    7. Fire red
    8. leaf green

    Official stats

    • Hp: 65
    • attack: 80
    • Defense 40
    • special Defense 80
    • Special attack 45
    • Speed 75

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