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    A Native American whose face was burnt off. He saved the world from ancient evils using powers of the Chaos realms.

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    A Native American from Arizona - Hopi tribe. He was idealistic young man. His father planned on leasing some of the land, using boys skill of words he convinced the elders to sign the deal. Few years passed and Bedlam he saw his error. The oil refinery was polluting the water and the sky and it was because his fathers greed. He tried to convince the company to cancel the deal, but he was turned town. Then he took things into he's own hands, he tried to wreck the plant with a crane. He got shot as a trespasser. Crane lost control and crashed into a hill uncovering an artifact. Ancient evil escaped, burning all alive, he somehow was left standing, but he was scarred. A talisman called him to the ancient artifact. When he touched that, he knew what he had unleashed. He at first refused the offer to capture the spirits again, but when he learned that his tribe was in danger, he accepted the burden. In an instant he was there, he absorbed the wraith, but a little to late, most of his tribe was already dead. He then accepted his responsibility and left to chase monsters.

    Major Story Arcs

    Destroyer of Evil

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    Five years later, one of Bedlam's toughest adventures was in Asgard, he went by a name of Skoll and he presented himself as a hunter and trapper. Bedlam met Lady Death for the first time and helped her to reach the city of Niflheim. They flew on a bone dragon and, when high enough, Bedlam teleported directly to Niflheim. Lady Death felt Bedlam was hiding something and ordered him to speak truth, Bedlam told her his origin story and a reason why he was there. The Chaos Crest was stolen by Genocide and Bedlam sought a way to defeat him.

    Lady Death rises the dead warriors and they return to battle. When Bedlam teleported into the stronghold to evacuate Frigga and Vandala, he was attacked by Genocide and captured. Bedlam is trapped in the nexus and Chaos Crest is below him as a conduit. Genocide plans to use Valkyries power to shoot into the nexus destroying everything. Genocides plan is thwarted by brave warrior who jumps on the Chaos Crest tilting it and the charge misses the nexus. some unknown force releases Bedlam from the nexus and teleports him and the nexus away.


    Bedlam starts to gather forces to fight against coming evil. His first recruit is Chastity who he hired to make hit on himself, just to see if she's good. Pleased with the results he transports himself and Chastity to a group lead by Morgan Gallows. At the same time Armageddon arrives on earth. Being attacked with the enemy forces, Bedlam teleports the whole gang out of the building. When another chaos wave strikes Bedlam tries to teleport, but are hit with the wave, they end up on Timekeeper's place. While being there they seek information about Armageddon, having learned nothing they travel back to earth, minus Oblivia who is left there. Bedlam and others try to fight the best as they could. Then arrives Oblivia, now knowing what to do, she gathers weapons and battles Armageddon alone. She defeats it and un-creation wave washes over the earth.

    New Start

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    Bedlam was re-created by a fluke; Lord Chaos was surprised of his existence and followed his first steps. Bedlam appeared on the The Deadworld, helping Rick Young and Billy Young to exterminate some of the evil dead ones. Moving forward onto the next earth, Bedlam discovers himself in future settings, earth that shall be named Future Shock. Saving a damsel in distress, named Ambient, Bedlam moves on to an earth where is no magic; an Earth Null. Bedlam travels to Bermuda Triangle to get off from that earth. Next stop Urban Gothic earth, besides humans here are lots of vampires and other supernaturals. Bedlam saw Chastity and Morgan Gallows there, and is happy that some of the fighters survived the Armageddon. Next stop earth full of swords and magic, a Dark Millennium. Bedlam arrives near a castle, curiosity leads him inside and he discovers Lady Death, sleeping in the glass casket. Bedlam jumps to next earth, but his travels are intercepted by Lord Chaos. Lord Chaos tries to un-create Bedlam but fails to do so. He then seals three remaining earths from him, and leaves Bedlam stranded into the cosmos.

    Back on Job

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    Having escaped from outer space, Bedlam returns his duty of riding earths from eight families of evil. Knowing that a certain demon searches for a ultimate weapon, Bedlam travels back in time and locks himself into one of Egyptian tombs, but before that he spread the news that a weapon can be found in said tomb. When the demon opens the casket in hopes to get the weapon, finds Bedlam waiting for him. Bedlam then used chaos talisman to absorb the demon's soul. Fighting the remaining demon minions, Bedlam meets Carnelian a demon who turned against her family and joined the hunt of supernaturals. Bedlam and Carnelian fought weeks side by side, they even shared some intimate moments. Bedlam's job was done on such a pace that all the evil started to leave its mark on him. One time Bedlam ran into himself on one mission, and he had a plan. He asked the old self to spy on Carnelian. It turned out that Carnelian planed turning Bedlam evil from beginning and Bedlam knew that as he already was in this time. Bedlam killed Carnelian, and then the both Bedlams went in the time they should be.

    Next job was to pay back to a creature he once met. Going to some masked ball, he found Bad Kitty wearing possessed dress. He secretly started to unravel the dress to brake the spell; spell broken, the real demon showed his face. Bad Kitty having fought the supernatural for a while, did all the demon slaying. But in the end if it wasn't for Bedlam, Bad Kitty would have been killed. Saying that he owed Lucky (Bad Kitty's cat) big time, it was the right place to be. They both went their separate ways.

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    Then he partners up with Lady Death to defeat the brood, everything doesn't work out as they should, and both of them are captured. One of the supernaturals used mind control to see them fight for fun. In the end Lady Death kills Bedlam, his corps is thrown to Brood Queen, She lays her eggs inside bedlam, but Chaos Talisman acted on his own and absorbed Brood Queen, reviving Bedlam in the process.

    Lady Death manages to fight herself from the mind control and aids Bedlam in the fight. Brood was losing and with final act to fight the whole brood merged into one being, still being not strong enough it got killed and then absorbed by Bedlam.


    Sensing a bad omen, Bedlam joins with Morgan Gallows and starts to gather a force to fight it. Bedlam uses his teleport ability to recruit allies. First he contacts is Vulnavia, half-sister of Lady Death. Then he saves Purgatori, who also was in league with good guys in Gallows vision. All players together, they join the battle with Hell lords. Bedlam and Gallows have a creeping feeling that they are few steps behind the plan.

    Powers And Abilities

    He can not age outside of his own timeline. On his palm there is mark of chaos that absorbs evil spirits, it can also shoot some sort of energy that hurts most evils. Bedlam uses guns as primary weapon.


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