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    Olisa Kabaki, a woman that became the avatar of Ikonn, one of the deities who took part in the Wager of the Octessence.

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    Brief History

    Bedlam is the avatar of Ikonn.  She has the ability to control others through her mental powers. She is supposedly among the strongest telepaths on Earth.
    Olisa Kabaki was born in Kenya and demonstrated an eagerness for learning and education as a young child. But when she was diagnosed with an (unspecified)  mental disorder, Olisa was subjected to a medication treatment which left her in a stupor-like state. The other people in her area wanted nothing to do with the child in need. She led a "lonely" life in hospitals and was destined to end up in an asylum. But then Ikonn called her. His mental call awaking the teenager and guiding her through a journey. Allowing her to find the "Ivory Idol of Ikonn" and becoming his avatar.  

    Powers and Abilities

     After touching the Ivory Idol of Ikonn , Olisa became the Exemplar of the Mind Power . Her psionic and telepatic abilities impressed even Thor , as he stated that only a few rendered such an assault upon him .


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