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Bedbug is a single-father superhero who fights crime in Silicon City, California... when he's not taking care of his young daughter Elvira.


Drawn by Sam Ellis, artist of the new Bedbug volume
Drawn by Sam Ellis, artist of the new Bedbug volume

Bedbug's true identity is Buddy Sprang who, as a boy, dreamed of being a superhero. When Buddy was injured in an accident and confined to leg braces and crutches, he turned his focus to strengthening his mind and body. Setting aside his dream of heroics Buddy turned to computers and the new internet for which he programmed the search engine Fetchit - which he sold for a fortune. Now independently wealthy, Buddy, aided by his brother Terry , built a high-tech pair of Jumpin' Boots that allows Buddy to walk and jump as high as a building.


Bedbug was created by writer/artist Scott Rogers when he was six years old and first appeared in Shooting Star Comics Anthology #1 (2002) When Scott was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2013, he used his recovery to create Bedbug's own comic book - Bedbug #1 (2013) and now there's nothing stopping the adventures of this leapin' lawman!

Weapons and Abilities:

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His search engine , Fetchit, was purchased by the Cassandra Corporation. Now independently wealthy, Buddy used his fortune to fund the creation of his Jumpin' Boots. The boots run a current up through his legs to a metal plate in his back - hyper-stimulating his leg muscles and nerves, allowing him to walk, run and jump as long as the boots are worn. The boots cannot work with any one else due to it being plugged into and attuned to Buddy’s nervous system. The Jumpin' Boots kick with the force of a hydraulic jack, shattering stone and denting steel. In his civilian ID, Buddy walks with the help of Loftstrand crutches. Due to his years on crutches, Buddy has excellent upper-body strength.

In addition to his boots, Bedbug carries several gadgets on his person:


His antennea shaped headgear holds a GPS, police scanner and mobile phone. His goggles have infra-red capability.

Bug-Bite Blaster

It is mounted in his gauntlet that fires a powerful electrical bursts that can stun an opponent.

Flexi-Steel Cable

It is mounted in his gauntlet. A gas powered cartridge fires the swingline and grapnel.

Utility Belt

This belt houses the following items: exploding pellets, "Nighty Night" sleeping gas pellets, a "bug-light" flashlight, and snacks.


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