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Beck is an example of what can happen when a youth gets the powers of a god.  Convinced by his "girlfriend" to rob a store, the couple did just that.  However when Beck turned his back on the owner the man opened fire on Beck.  Beck's force shield protected him but the ricocheted off the shield and took out the young woman.  As she did not commit the crime herself she was considered an innocent and Beck, who did not defend himself in court as he felt guilty for her death, was sentenced to be executed.  However, no method of execution could get through his protective shielding.
The government opted to put in on V.I.C.E., a government team that is handed the absolute worst missions.  If there is a chance of someone getting maimed or killed, they send in V.I.C.E. to do the job.
 As a member of the team, Beck is smitten with India, one of his teammates.  India initially is carried on an affair with a married teammate but he is killed in an Op.  Eventually after Beck saves a group of innocents he is finally cheered as a hero but he almost dies (thus fulfilling his purpose on the team).  India however is able to save him thus proving that it is possible to penetrate his protective field. 
Beck's death sentence is re-instated after pressure from religious & conservative groups lobby for it.  He is arrested by India just after the two have had sex.  Some time later he finds out that India is the one that will kill him, and also that he is not a telekinetic as whatever his powers are screen out poisonous substances in the air, his food, etc.  Beck then takes on all of his former teammates save Lucky (he opted not to find Beck and be killed).  India carries out her orders but in the end, even with Beck weakened, she is unable to fulfill those orders. She tells Beck to run and never stop running.  Beck tells her that he loves her, and leaves, knowing that the government will send Hunter-Killers after him, but he doesn't care.  
Beck knows that he really is a hero.

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