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    Becca Steinhardt lost everything the day a car accident took the lives of her husband and daughter, for three years she prayed to every deity imaginable for their return but never got an answer. And then one day, she found herself caught in the middle of a Chaos War between Thor and the living pantheon called Glory.

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    "Glory Days"

    A near-perfect life.
    A near-perfect life.
    Becca was the wife of lawyer Phillip Steinhardt and taught second grade up until she became pregnant with her daughter Amanda, at which point she became a stay-at-home Mom. 
    The life they lived was near-perfect but had its flaws as is to be expected of all normal human families. One summer night, Phillip took Amanda for what was supposed to be a five minute drive to get some ice cream.
    But they never reached their destination, for the two ended up being killed in a horrific car accident, an accident which caused all of reality, for Becca that is, to crumble. Never having been the religious type, Becca began to look inward towards it, she wanted to know what kind of God would allow something so pointless, random and evil to happen to her husband and child.
    So she looked up materials on every Earth-based religion, major to pagan, imaginable and prayed to every God possible, hoping that she could get her family back. The thought that maybe her family was destroyed was because she never spent the time looking for God drove her to leave her home and retreat to her old summer home, where she remained constantly praying without end for three whole years.
    One day, in the heavens far above, Thor attempted to keep one of Amatsu-Mikaboshi's most powerful lieutenants, a living pantheon called Glory, from reaching Earth. Their battle was so fierce that it temporarily ripped their souls apart and scattered them to the winds. Donald Blake, the only remnant of Thor's soul was sent crashing down to Earth less than a mile from Becca's summer home.
    Donald, who could not remember anything about Thor or his own life, and talked with her mostly about her past and concepts of faith. But it was not long before the mindless remnants of Glory's soul found their way to Becca's cabin and attempted to slay them. After failing to get to her car before Glory destroyed it, Becca and Donald fled into the forest where they were pinned down by the slowly reforming dark entity.
    But when Glory tried to land a finishing blow, Becca unconsciously touched Donald's cane and briefly turned it into Mjolnir which deflected Glory's attack and sent it soaring through the air. It recovered quickly, however, and renewed the chase but as the two neared a steep hill, Glory fired off a ball of energy that sent Becca cascading over the edge. She managed to grab a hold of the rocks in time but found herself slipping.
    And as she looked up at Donald she saw not the amnesiac man she brought into her home but rather Thor, God of Thunder and foe of Glory. After Donald pulled her up and the two got to safety, they began to discuss exactly what had happened back when Mjolnir deflected Glory's attack. At the same time, the quickly approaching Glory had regained all memory and the ability to speak and called out to Thor.
    Musing on the idea that Donald and Thor were one in the same and that Mjolnir was Donald's cane, Donald, at Becca's behest, tapped his cane against the ground only to have it do nothing. But when she joined hands with Donald and they attempted it once more, Becca's soul fused with that of Donald's as Thor reemerged from his subconscious.
    While fused with Thor, she was able to see into his and Donald's memories and learn everything about them, about Mikaboshi, about The Chaos War and about Glory. Together they fought the rapidly growing shadow of that which was once Glory, who had been granted some of his Master's power to add to his own, and ultimately became too much for Thor to handle.
    Becca begged Thor, who was pushing against her mind just as hard as he was pushing against the telepathic probing of Glory, to allow the Pantheon to consume them which Thor protested at first but with some convincing from Donald, eventually gave in to her idea and was swallowed up by Glory. Inside the endless abyss that was Glory, Becca and her comrades could feel themselves being ripped apart molecule by molecule as Glory feasted upon them.
    But even as they faded from existence, so too did Glory, for the power of Becca's faith combined with that of Thor's and Donald's had managed to once again rip his soul apart. However, with Mikaboshi's power to back him up, it was only a temporary setback. Thor knew that Glory would soon return and that he needed to be there when he did. 
    Becca, having been separated from Thor by Glory's "death" bid the two farewell with a kiss and watched as Thor flew off to find his foe. Becca was presumably put into a waking sleep by Mikaboshi's tendrils and later ceased to exist as he consumed Earth and Gaea into his very being.

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