Becca Rodriguez

    Character » Becca Rodriguez appears in 14 issues.

    A teenage girl from Earth who finds herself stranded on Weirdworld.

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    Not much is known about Becca apart from the fact that her mother seemingly had killed herself. Becca's mother was cremated and Becca had taken a plane to spread her ashes in her native country. Things however did go smoothly for Becca, since the airplane she was in crashlanded, seemingly by an evil wizard. When Becca got out of the plane, she found herself in an all new, weird world.


    Becca Rodriguez was created by Sam Humphries and first appeared in Weirdworld Vol.2 issue 1 (2016).

    Major Story Arcs


    Becca was one of the survivors of the initial plain-crash and found herself in a strange and dangerous land. She saw a barbarian (Arkon) fighting a supernatural monster that was attacking the other plain passengers. He welcomed Becca to Weirdworld before she ran away from danger and encountered Goleta, whom took her on as her shield-maiden. As such, she was trained by Goleta, which not always ended well.


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