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    Beauty is the Deputy Mayor of Fabletown and wife of its Sheriff, Beast. Mother of Bliss.

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    Beauty and her husband Beast are one of the few Fable couples to survive centuries of marriage, however they do struggle at points to make it work. When the series first opened, the Beast’s curse was dependent on Beauty’s feelings towards him: The more angry she was with him, the more bestial his appearance. Beauty in the beginning does make the error of bringing up the dwarves in front of Snow, when she takes her advice too personal. It appears she feels like she's been labeled as someone "married to money"; as she was eager to enter Charming's contest for his royal title he tried selling. When Charming decides to go for elections he promises to make Beauty Deputy Mayor and Beast sheriff, to gain more votes.

    Some changes were given to her husband when election came. As Frau freed Beast from this aspect of his cruse, allowing him to transform at will. In truth, it didn't stop Beauty from henpecking him.Though that was a minor change for the big tasks ahead when the Arabian Fables came, suddenly. She, along with her husband, and Charming were in hot water as none could speak Arabic and were having troubles finding anyone who did. Eventually they found one in King Cole, who pleased the Arabian Fables. Although the tension was over, there was still much work to do.

    During a late night of paperwork, Prince Charming tried to seduce her with a kiss. While she admit she enjoyed it she quickly put his attempts to a halt. Charming tried to coax or perhaps justify their actions, Beauty still refused him and then threatened to tell her husband should he try again. In her speech she most likely realized, that her actions toward her husband were not generally as kind as she herself perceived. The next day she brought her husband breakfast and began to apologize for how she behaves. Although he kindly tried deny her behavior, she halts him and says that she still loves him. She and Charming didn't know Bufkin had seen and heard everything. This left Bufkin later acting very jittery and nervous around her and Beast. Beauty and Beast would be called into action when they had more troubles with Trusty John being outed as a traitor and again when Yusuf had attempted used Sinbad's d'jin against Fabletown.

    Frau Totenkinder soon decipher that Yusuf had been the one to summon the d'jin. When the threat of him and d'jinn was gone, Beauty, Charming, and Beast carried on with the business at hand. While Charming dealt with Sinbad, after talking about how he hadn't been careful with the d'jinn. Beauty and Beast were assigned to help Sinbad's freed slaves adjust to mundy life in America. Granted, it wasn't easy as Beauty had read and attempt to converse with Hakim with a book.

    Although she has shown no regrets in being faithful, Beast noticed she did cry a lot at Charming's funeral. According to the answers given in the Burning Questions issue, both ask Frau Totenkinder what it is she's knitting. When she answers she's knitting a garment for their firstborn child. To which Beauty laughs saying she's not even expecting, to which Frau answered "All things in time" and then offered to show them the progress of her knitting. Upon hearing them agree, she presented them a cute light greenish-blue footed pajamas with a lion head sewn on the front. In addition that the footed pajamas had four arms, two legs, and a place for a tail, indicating that their child might be a monster or at least have Beast's transformation problem. Upon seeing her work, this left both Beast and Beauty flabbergasted.

    The couple, later shook off Frau's knitting as mere joking around with them. However, Frau's predication is shown to be possible. As shown in the Great Fables Cross Over, after having a brief argument with Beast about his behavior with Bigby, Beauty and her husband are shown in their tent together having make up sex. While Beast was very happy from it, Beauty herself couldn't help but feel that there was something more special about and perhaps magical. Later on in a next issue, she's revealed to be pregnant.

    In Fables #100, the child is a couple of week premature, but Beauty comes with the birth with a few complications. The child, a little girl is born normal, though sometime later it is shown that when she becomes angry, she undergoes a transformation into a six limbed, tailed beast. It appears Beauty and her husband are oblivious to Bliss' transformation.


    In the Fairest, story Lamia, it is revealed that Beauty hides a dark secret. She is in fact a lamia who was driven from her home after a man got her in the family way and eventually abandoned her. The man's wife had some friends run Lamia out of town. They followed her to another world, where Lamia met a beautiful woman. Lamia, having so recently been abused for beauty's sake, hated the woman on sight and killed her, because "everything beautiful leads to ruin in the end". Lamia then took the woman's form in order to adopt her peaceful and simple way of life. She kept the form so long that the woman's personality became her own and she became what she was merely pretended to be. She met Beast, and they fell in love. Its not been stated yet as to how Beast realized what Beauty really was. Most likely he discovered it through her one of her killing rampages. In one of his writings in the story, he writes how he loves "Beauty" but how he hates "Lamia". Its not sure if Lamia, has a personality disorder or if she really gets caught up in her act, since she never remembers what she does as her true self. Yet, she appears to know what she is as Beauty.

    Every few decades, Beauty becomes herself as Lamia. Every time, Beast tries to catch her in time and lock her away; mostly to stop her from hurting anyone. But sometimes she escapes, and embarks on a killing rampage, targeting men who abuse women. And sometimes, Beast kills to protect her, which makes him angry and ashamed. In a ways, the issue explains how Beast becomes somewhat well adjusted to being sheriff. As Beauty escaped, Beast had to play detective to stop her and catch her before the mundy authorities. The issue returns to the present, Beast is considering making a new home for himself and their family in Have in the Homelands, because Beauty will be safer there. Though most likely due to a warning from Bigby when she went on another rampage in the 1940s. Due to her senseless rampages, there's an increasing possibility it will bring attention to Fabletown. As he quickly noted that the mundy police keep getting better and better at investigating and collecting evidence, and will catch Beauty sooner or later. He in addition warns Beast that if he she does it again he'll deal with her next time. When Beast warns he'll defend her, Bigby is unitimidated by his threats only stated that they'll fight. When he tells Beauty, she's not entirely sure since she wouldn't know what to do at Haven. But agrees it would be nice for Bliss to live somewhere safe.

    Its not stated if Frau Totenkinder knows of Beauty being a lamia or Kay given his cursed sight. Its not known what really triggers or awaken Lamia to come out. And also given how Bigby retired from being sheriff, its not yet known if he'll come after Beauty should Lamia awaken. Its also unknown if Haven or Fly's magic could keep Lamia at bay, for example Fly was able to use his to fend off Mr. Dark.

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    She appears in the game The Wolf Among Us by Telltale Games.


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