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    "Haunting" in a good way

    Some very interesting short stories, with the biggest disappointment being that there wasn't more to them. Each one still has their own unique quality to it that makes them stand out in the few pages that they have.

    Princess White Snow: A bit of a tragedy, but still manages a rather happy ending. Even has a little bit of silly cuteness. A very interesting take on the Japanese snow girl myths.

    World's End: Not much to this story other than how unprecedented the idea is - a post-apocalyptic Adam and Eve, except Adam is a gay man and Eve is a lesbian. Other than that though, the story doesn't really go anywhere. Worth a read, but it doesn't have quite the impact of the other stories.

    Electric Angel: A good read. Quite a happy ending - always a plus in my book. Shows how sometimes people just need someone to be there for them when life gets toughest. Serendipity at its best.

    The Lady Stalker: Not a story I really liked to read, simply because it was tragic enough for me to consider it disappointing rather than what I'd consider a "beautifully tragic." The "twist" a you'd call it at the end was definitely most disappointing for me.

    Beautiful People: An interesting take on the Frankenstein story. A woman who had plastic surgery to attain beauty meets a stitched-together girl who certainly looks worse than anyone else might, but who shows how beauty is far from skin-deep - a lesson that society frequently forgets.

    Blue Sky: A fitting end to this collection, as it was certainly one of the most striking stories. Quite tragic, but it definitely epitomizes what I would consider a "beautiful tragedy." A bit of a vampire love story, but a whole lot less pretentious than what you'd find nowadays (cough*Twilight*cough).

    Overall, some great writing, with the better stories in the collection being definitely worth reading. World's End and The Lady Stalker especially I could've done without, but still some great reading to be had here.

    4 out of 6 stars, for the 4 out of 6 stories that I truly enjoyed.

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