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    A New God and member of the Forever People.

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    Little is known about Dreamer's early life. She was born and raised on New Genesis alongside Mark Moonrider. At some point in her early life she was kidnapped by Darkseid. During this event or some other unspecified event she was imbued with the power of the Anti-Life Equation. Despite this, she was at some point returned to New Genesis, where she attended and graduated from the Academy of Higher Conscience. She joined Mark Moonrider's humanitarian mission to Earth, becoming a member of the Forever People.


    Dreamer was created by Jack Kirby. She was rebooted by Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen.

    Character Evolution

    Bronze Age

    When she was initially introduced, Beautiful Dreamer was a member of the New Gods who was raised on New Genesis alongside her close friends, with whom she would later form the Forever People. When Darkseid began his war against the New Gods, she was kidnapped, and trapped on Earth. She was rescued by Superman and the other Forever People, along with the help of a cosmic being they summoned with their Mother Box, called Infinity Man. The group remained on Earth, intending to explore the planet and learn about their own histories.

    Modern Age

    The early Modern Age saw Beautiful Dreamer and the rest of the Forever People retconned into members of the human race who would have died as infants save for the intervention of the New Gods, who raised them to act as saviours of the Earth. This was later retconned again, and Beautiful Dreamer was re-established as a New God, and implied to be among the first in a next stage of evolution for the New Gods.

    New 52

    The character was revamped for the New 52, which introduced her current origin and powers. This version of the character was also re-named to Dreamer Beautiful.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Forever People

    Beautiful Dreamer remains a member of the Forever People, and is involved in all their adventures, and in fighting Darkseid, who constantly tries to eliminate the Forever People. During an encounter with Devilance the Pursuer, she teleports to the distant planet of Adon along with her friends, trading places with Infinity Man. They are trapped there when Infinity Man is apparently destroyed in battle with Devilance, who is similarly destroyed. On Adon, Beautiful Dreamer marries fellow Forever Person Big Bear, and together they have a child, named Maya. Her marriage and child were later wiped out of existence following an encounter with an entity known as the Dark, which destroys everything that happened to the group while on Adon.

    Death of the New Gods

    During the Death of the New Gods, Beautiful Dreamer is killed by Infinity Man, as are the other Forever People. She is revealed to have been dead for quite some time prior to the discovery of her body, as were her teammates.

    Infinity Man and the Forever People

    Working with the Forever People on Earth, Dreamer is troubled by her connection to the Anti-Life Equation, and soon finds herself the target of Aagog and his Femmes Fatales. They attempt to capture her in order to take the Equation for themselves, killing Mark in the process. She is able to bring him back to life using the Equation, and easily defeats the Femmes Fatales.

    Alternate Versions

    Amalgam Universe

    A version of Beautiful Dreamer appears in the Amalgam Universe, as a member of the Un-People, a team created by the fusion of the Forever People and the Inhumans. This version of the character was called Dream Crystal- an amalgamation of Beautiful Dreamer and Crystal.

    Another Nail

    A version of Beautiful Dreamer appears briefly in this Elseworlds story.

    Superman & Batman: Generations

    Beautiful Dreamer marries Superman, with whom she has two children, named Lar-El and Vara. She and her children are killed by Darkseid.

    Gods and Monsters

    Beautiful Dreamer appears among a number of other so-called "Forever People," the result of genetic manipulations to make old and decrepit humans young and superhumanly powerful.

    Personal Characteristics

    • First Appearance: Forever People (first series) #1 (March 1971)
    • Status: Hero
    • Civilian Name: Not available
    • Occupation: Adventurer
    • Base: Earth
    • Height: 5ft 6 inches
    • Weight: 135 pounds
    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Blue

    Powers and Abilities

    As a New God, she has all the powers and abilities inherent to her race, including the ability to sense fluctuations in the Source. She possesses a psychic ability that revolves around dreaming, and appears to include precognition, illusion projection, and low-level telepathy. It is unclear the extent to which she can access these powers while fully conscious, as she refers to all of her powers as "dreams." It is further unclear how inherent these abilities are, as she possesses or is possessed by the Anti-Life Equation, giving her unknown powers over reality, apparently including the power to resurrect the dead. Because of her powers or possibly the Equation, she is mentally unstable.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Dreamer has access to a Mother Box, which she shares with the other Forever People. With the Forever People, and facilitated by the Mother Box, she can merge into the consciousness of the Infinity Man.

    Other Media


    Justice League

    No Caption Provided

    Beautiful Dreamer made a cameo appearance at the end of the Justice League episode "Twilight, Part 2." She does not speak in her appearance.

    Young Justice

    No Caption Provided

    Beautiful Dreamer appears alongside the other Forever People in the Young Justice episode "Disordered". Her costume, like those of her companions, was significantly altered from the original appearance. During the episode she goes by the name "Dreamer." She is played by Grey DeLisle.


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