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    A living life-sized doll. She's a member of the current Honor Guard.

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    Beautie is a super-powered android. She is a perfect life-size replica of a "barbie"-style doll sold by the Tip-Top Toys company.

    Her skin is armored, made of a substance called ferrostyrine. Likewise her equivalent of a skeleton is super-strong, formed of a virtually indestructible metalloid called omitanium.

    She is female in appearance but as sexless as the doll on which she is based: her breasts and buttocks are rigid and she has no genitalia. To compensate for this lack of sexuality she is preoccupied with clothing and accessories.

    Beautie was built by a then 8 year old Elaine Girbachs, daughter of the super-villain Doctor Gearbox. His daughter's genius threatened her father and he mistreated the girl as a result. In turn, this made Elaine throw away her android, ordering it to forget its origin and casting it away. However Beautie's AI continuously evolved and overcame this order so that the android repeatedly revisited its creator..

    Beautie arrived in Astro City in the fall of 1969, with no memory of her past. Her first heroic act was stopping the kidnapping of Joanie Wheaton, then the heir to Wheaton Investments. Six months later, she assisted Honor Guard in defeating the Toymaker. Honor Guard brought her into their ranks, leading to legal action declaring her a free person, using the Loony Leo v. Fago's Funny Features decision as precedent.

    Despite her legal status and the independence that comes with it she earns a living as a sponsored superhero. She is the "living" corporate symbol and spokesperson for the Tip-Top Toys company. This status has made her a national celebrity.

    After protecting a gay rights march in 1978 she has been adopted as a gay icon as well.

    Despite her physical power she has been destroyed and rebuilt twice.


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