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Little is known about Beaumont's origin. He was born and raised in England in a wealthy and possibly aristocratic family. He became involved in heroism at some point, teaming up with the hero Sunny Jim to form the team Class War.


Beaumont was created by writer James Robinson and artist Renato Guedes. He first appeared in Superman #689.

Major Story Arcs

The Tourist

Living in London and acting alongside Sunny Jim as one of its protectors, Beaumont encounters Mon-El, who is travelling the world. Together they defeat the mutant criminal Big Don Drummond.

The Shade

Beaumont joins several other heroes in mounting a defence against the recently unleashed alien entities. In the course of the fighting he jumps from a helicopter to attack them, but is swatted away by the female entity, flying in the direction of Dagenham. His fate is unknown, but he is presumed to have survived.

Powers and Abilities

Beaumont is functionally invulnerable to all known forms of damage; he is also very strong and capable of flight. He is very intelligent and incredibly wealthy.


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