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Frogs Rain Cats and Dogs


What happens after frogs rain cats and dogs? They eat each other of course!
The canine cast of characters from the Dark Horse Book of Hauntings and the Dark Horse Book of Witchcraft are back with a couple of their feline pals for this new miniseries. They're scratching fleas and solving mysteries for Truth, Justice, and The American Way!    

After witnessing the strange downpour followed by the amphibian cannibalism, Whitey, Jack, Ace, Red and the rest of the gang are taken aback by the fact that the frogs have all disappeared as quickly as they came upon the scene. And in the now-established tradition of the beasts of Burden Hill, the dogs are compelled to investigate these mysterious phenomena.

The story is basically pretty straightforward. After all we are dealing with the intellect of pugs and beagles. But the painted artwork by Jill Thompson is so cute and charming that you just want to cut these characters out and paste them all over your shoes.

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