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    One of the many characters featured in the Grimm Fairy Tales series.

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    As usual the character is presented as a version of the classic fairy tale. It starts with the modern story of an abusive boyfriend who suspects his girlfriend of cheating on him with one of her co-workers. He is physically abusive to her and as she runs, Sela gives her a story to consider, that of Beauty and the Beast. It tells the story of a selfish prince that used the people around him and who treated the women in his life as expendable. Finally one girl arrives and curses him with showing the world his true appearance inside and which will be made permanent once all the flowers fall from a single rose flower if he cannot find someone to love him. He decides he must change his ways and he nurses back to health a young woman he finds in the woods, but once she informs him that she must return to her fiance, he grows enraged and forces her to stay as his captive. The action cuts back shortly to modern day where both her co-worker asks her out and then her boyfriend apologizes. As it cuts back to the fairy tale it demonstrates her rescuers, including her female cousin who is killed by the Beast, but also her fiance who saves her. Back in the modern day the boyfriend finds out that his girlfriend has agreed to date the her co-worker and swears revenge. The action then shows a flashback as it shows his present actions as a result of abuse he suffered earlier in life where he learned violence as a means to solving problems. Cutting back to the fairy tale, the young woman responsible for the curse returns and shows him the rose and informs him it is not yet too late to reform and to stop regarding Jesabel as a possession. He chooses instead to ignore her and refuses to take responsibilities for his actions and seeks out his revenge. As he attacks the stronghold where Jesabel is being kept, he fights through an assortment of soldiers and eventually is successful at killing Jesabel's fiance. She runs to the top of the castle wall, but chooses suicide over being with the monster. As the action cuts back to modern day it shows the confrontation between the now ex-boyfriend and the new couple. He threatens them with a gun but eventually turns it upon himself.

    Later Drew's brother Edward takes on the powers of a new beast (Drew was the young man that killed himself).

    There is a new version of the Beast, his name is Alex, Belle's adoptive brother.


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