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    The freak population in Chicago generally had two choices to make, either adopt life as a criminal or hide away from society. Although a large number of them turned to crime, a small community fled to the underground to become hidden. This group was led by Rock who kept them safe from the world above. When Dragon came into the underground in search of CyberFace, Rock and his community became allies to the police officer. However, they kept the hero’s quarry hidden from him and CyberFace was cared for by the group’s youngest members, Beast Boy and Feezle.

    Story Arcs

    Beast Boy and Feezle remained firm friends and constant companions, accompanying Rock when he took many of his brethren to join the United States government’s new team of heroes, the Special Operations Strikeforce. Beast Boy and Feezle proved to be almost completely useless and were fired.

    They did not want to turn their back on crime fighting all together and instead formed an alliance with Kill-Cat in a new look Deadly Duo. This partnership proved to be a failure too and Beast Boy & Feezle instead joined up with a revamped Brute Force. This team eventually merged with the S.O.S. and other heroes to form one single super-group.

    When CyberFace took control of the world, Beast Boy and many of his old friends took refuge underground. They remained free from the chaos above, living out their lives as scavengers. Dragon recruited the group to join his rebellion against CyberFace and when the dictator was overthrown, Dragon aided them in getting a new home and business, the Rock House Diner.


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