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Rank & Role

Although he is second in command of the Pirate Club, Bearclaw prefers to skip the politics and club meetings and stick to tracking and fighting. Bearclaw is the main muscle behind the Pirate Club, bringing Captain John Houck's plans of territorial control into fruition.


In short, Bearclaw believes he is an actual bear. He eats raw salmon straight from streams, growls at his prey and calls upon the strength of the bear. He even even refers to his girl/crush as his sow.

Powers & Abilities

In terms of typical powers Bearclaw has superb hand to hand combat skills and tracking ability. Though perhaps only his imagination, Bearclaw is able to call upon the strength of the bear to deliver bone crushing blows to the kids of rival clubs.

In the final issue of Volume 1, Bearclaw was able to use his imagination in the North Pole to grow the fangs and claws of a bear in the final battle. He was also able to successfully communicate with and organize a pack of polar bears to assist him while in the North Pole.

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