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    A town in the United Kingdom which is home to the majority of characters appearing in The Beano.

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    All the major characters in The Beano and BeanoMAX live in Beanotown including Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx, Roger the Dodger and the Bash Street kids. The characters will often crossover into each others strips. Ball Boy plays for the local team called Beanotown Juniors.

    The locations in Beanotown are very inconsistent usually suiting whatever the storyline needs. There is even a Beanotown Space Centre where the pupils from Super School helped launch a rocket into space. Two of the few permanent locations in Beanotown are Bash Street School, and Beanotown Wood, which is home to Splodge the Goblin.

    Roger the Dodger used Boogle Maps. ' Beanotown's very own real-time internet map', to spy on various places in the town. Among these were the Bash St. School, Lord Snooty's Bunkerton Castle, Beanotown School and the home of Dennis.

    There is a rivalry between Beanotown and Dandytown (where the majority of the Dandy characters live). Other locations in this world is the nearby Whizztown, home to Billy Whizz, Crosspatch on the English/Scottish border which is home to the Jocks and the Geordies and Cactusville, an American town where Desperate Dan lives.

    Other Media

    Dennis the Menace Animated Series (1996)

    Dennis the Menace's house
    Dennis the Menace's house

    Beanotown featured in Dennis the Menace's first cartoon series. Locations include a barber, a shopping mall, and a treehouse complete with a tunnel that leads into Dennis's house.

    Dennis and Gnasher Animated Series (2009)

    Beanotown also features in the more recent Dennis and Gnasher cartoon with locations such as Beanotown School and Scrimp Tower which in the Beanotown's business centre. In one episode Dennis' mum enters the 'Beanotown in Bloom' garden contest.

    Beanotown Racing Video Game

    In 2003 Beanotown Racing was released for the PC. The racing game involved characters from both The Beano and The Dandy pitted against each other. Two of the tracks in the game are set in Beanotown and in the Bash Street School.

    Official Website

    The official Beano website used to be called Beanotown.


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