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Beachcomber is not interested in War or fighting. He is always cool-headed and low-key, allowing him to operate more efficiently. Despite his feelings, he never backs away from his responsibilities as an Autobot. He was a member of the resistance under Perceptor's command on Cybertron. He joined the Autobots on Earth after he and the reset of the resistance were forced thru the Space Bridge.


Beachcomber was created by Hasbro for of The Transformers (1984) Cartoon. He was first seen in 1986 Marvel Comics' The Transformers issue #17 by writer Len Kaminski and editors Mike Carlin and Jim Shooter.

Major Story Arcs

Generation 1 Continuity

Marvel Comics

Beachcomber was a member of Perceptor's resistance cell on Cybertron. They disobeyed orders and went to help Blaster recover Scrounge from the smelting pool. Normally weak, he demonstrated some uncharacteristic strength, tearing down a laser sentinel tower with his bare hands. The rescue mission failed, but they did recover Scrounge's stolen data, and learned that Optimus Prime and the crew of the Ark were alive and fighting on Earth.

Later Perceptor's crew began a mission to destroy the Space Bridge before the Decepticons on Earth and Cybertron could begin trading resources. Beachcomber used his geological skills to map out a safe path underneath the planet's surface to bomb the support structures of Darkmount, bringing down Straxus's fortress. They failed to destroy the Space Bridge, and were forced to retreat across the Bridge to Earth.

G1 Beachcomber
G1 Beachcomber

Beachcomber and the others were taken captive by RAAT and their commanding officer, Circuit Breaker. As a prize she had their heads were mounted on the wall of her headquarters. Meanwhile, Skids and the human Donny Finkleberg were sent on a mission to determine their whereabouts, but Finkleberg betrayed Skids to RAAT. Finkleberg redeemed himself by working a deal to have the captured Autobots' released. The deal was that if the combined bodies of Beachcomber and the other captives could successfully aid in the defeat of the vandalizing Battlechargers (Runabout & Runamuck), they would be set free.

Beachcomber managed to avoid virtually all kinds of fighting for the rest of his time on Earth. The most action he saw was getting shot at by the Ark's own defense systems. He backed Blaster for replacing Grimlock as the Autobots' commander, but was still upset about the senseless violence of the War.

When the Autobots rescued Buster Witwicky from the Arctic and were ambushed by the Decepticons, Beachcomber was among the first to be attacked, set upon and mauled by Mindwipe.

Marvel UK

After the being released by RAAT, Beachcomber and the others headed back to the Ark, when they were attacked by Galvatron. Galvatron blasted his way through the group, one by one, with Beachcomber as one of his casualties.

After the battle with Mindwipe, Beachcomber is seen laying deactivated aboard the Ark as Ratchet attempted to repair him.

IDW Publishing

Beachcomber has not yet appeared in Regeneration One.

IDW Continuity

Beachcomber was originally from Ibex, where he wrote "The Primal Prophecies: A New Interpretation".

Spotlight: Jazz

Beachcomber can be seen with Brawn and Cosmos, helping the damaged Jazz and Tracks off their transport ship when they returned.

Transformers: Ironhide

Beachcomber is again seen at the victory celebration after the Autobots stopped a Decepticon energon convoy.

Spotlight: Blaster

Unknown to his fellow Autobots, Beachcomber was captured during battle by the Decepticons. During his brief captivity, Soundwave used Bombshell to implant a control device within him. He was then returned to his Autobot unit, unable to report what had happened to him. Under Soundwave's control, he committed a number of horrible acts against the Autobots without being discovered. One of these acts was the attempted assassination of Blaster.

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When Blaster returned and made it known that he had survived the assassination attempt, Beachcomber was compelled to try again. However, this time Blaster knew it was coming. He did not remember that Beachcomber was responsible, but all evidence pointed to it being a fellow Autobot who had tried to murder him. When Beachcomber made another failed attempt on Blaster's life, that proved the suspicion beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Beachcomber, believing Blaster was broadcasting a live transmission to the Autobot troops, was lured into a trap. The broadcast was prerecorded, and Blaster was waiting for his assassin to take the opportunity to finish the job. Blaster and Beachcomber fought each other in a cargo hold with Blaster wanting answers. Beachcomber tried to explain that he was not in control of himself and that Soundwave was. In the end, Blaster allowed himself to be stuck in the sights of Beachcomber's weapon and urged Beachcomber to resist the control device. Blaster's words gave Beachcomber the strength to finally do so, and he collapsed without pulling the trigger on Blaster.

The exertion of breaking Soundwave's control fried much of Beachcomber's neuro-cortex. He was put into cryogenic regeneration, but his prognosis was not good.

The Transformers

After eventually recovering, Beachcomber joined the Autobots on Earth. When Ultra Magnus came to Earth to investigate Optimus Prime's surrender, Beachcomber feared that they might all get arrested, and left the team. Along with Blurr, Hoist and Tracks, they attempted to find and join Hot Rod, who was trying to get off the planet. Before they could find him they ran into Skywatch ambush. Beachcomber was the first to be deactivated when he was attacked by Campolongo using a hi-tech suit. The captured Autobots were brought into the hangar where Optimus Prime was being held by Major Witwicky in an attempt to get the Autobot leader to cooperate.


After Bumblebee became the Autobots leader and formed an alliance with Skywatch, Beachcomber and the others were let go. Unfortunately he would ignore Bumblebee as leader once Rodimus returned the Matrix, and demanded to see Optimus Prime. Beachcomber was also amongst those who volunteered to return to a restored Cybertron and fight Galvatron's army.

More Than Meets the Eye

Beachcomber has not appeared in the ongoing series yet, but did appear in the 2012 annual.

Powers & Weaknesses

In his alt-mode, Beachcomber has a range of 800 miles and is capable of traveling over almost any terrain. He's equipped with various magnetic, ionic, electrostatic, infrared, and sonic sensors. These enable him to accurately determine chemical composition of anything. In his robot-mode he has high agility, making him a hard target to hit. Beachcomber suffers from mental stress that can affect his performance. Beachcomber can use his magnetic sensors to navigate like a compass, but local magnetic disturbances can cause this to malfunction. His sonic probes have a limited range. Being a scientist he isn't very strong or fast.


  • Allegiance: Autobot
  • Sub Group: None
  • Function: Geologist
  • Alt-Modes: Dune buggy, Baja-style buggy, Warthog
  • Color Schemes: Blue/White (G1, IDW, Animated) Grey/Green (G2)

Alternate Versions

Marvel Comics

Marvel UK Future Timeline

2008 Timeline

When the Quintessons raided Autobot City, Beachcomber and Air Raid rushed to defend their base with a team of Autobots. Unfortunately, the Quintesson shock troops were too strong, and quickly overtook them. Beachcomber and his Aerialbot partner made a retreat for back-up, but ambushed from behind and defeated with the rest of the Autobots.

Dreamwave Publications

Generation 1

Beachcomber joined against Shockwave's regime on Cybertron when Optimus Prime returned to the planet and rallied the Autobots. Beachcomber was later assigned to a mission suitable for his pacifism, as part of Bumblebee's supply crew on the Orion. He was assigned to bring news and fuel to their comrades on Earth. Unfortunately he was brought back into combat when they came into combat with Sunstorm. Beachcomber was supposed to be guarding Sunstorm's primary target, Starscream. Unfortunately the Autobot was no match and was gunned down by Starscream.


When the Terrorcon invasion struck Earth, Beachcomber was among the Autobots recruited from Cybertron to aid the humans. Beachcomber was a member of Hot Shot's unit in Toronto. He battled with the invading Divebomb drones.

Fun Publications


Beachcomber was stationed at Autobot City. Jazz led them into battle when the Autobots were sent to rescue of Pyro's forces at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. During the battle, they were exposed to the mutating properties of forestonite, developing new color schemes and abilities. Beachcomber took on an green paint scheme and caused plantlife to grow wherever he walked.

Shattered Glass

Beachcomber was on-board the Ark when it traveled to Earth and crashed into the ocean off the United States' west coast. In this alternate reality Autobots are bad and Decepticons are good. Beachcomber talks or rather sings in the form of classic tunes.

Other Media


The Transformers (1984)

Beachcomber the pacifist
Beachcomber the pacifist

Beachcomber back story is unknown he was first seen helping Hound, Inferno and Bumblebee investigate the Insecticon attacks during the episode "Insecticon Syndrome". Later Beachcomber, along with the other Autobots, were exiled from Earth after Megatron allied with businessman Shawn Berger to create anti-Autobot propaganda. He and the other Autobots later returned to Earth.

Like in the comics Beachcomber is more about communing with nature, than fighting in the War. He also comes of a bit selfish.

Episode Appearances

  • Insecticon Syndrome
  • Dinobot Island; part 2
  • Megatron's Master Plan; part 1 & 2
  • The Golden Lagoon
  • Quest for Survival
  • The Secret of Omega Supreme
  • Kremzeek!
  • Prime Target
  • Five Faces of Darkness; part 5

Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) (Japan)

Beachcomber fought alongside the Dinobots and Throttlebots on Cybertron, before Mindwipe's hypnotic wave forced them to fall asleep.

Episode Appearances

  • Four Warriors Come Out of the Sky

Transformers: Armada (2002)

Beachcomber can been seen in a flashback in the episode, "Prehistory".

Episode Appearances

  • Prehistory

Transformers Animated (2007)

Mentioned in the Allspark Almanac II; Beachcomber once mixed up his map protocols, and crashed in Tracks's garage. Beachcomber was seen in a single episode as part of the crowd cheering during Sentinel's speech.

Episode Appearances

  • Decepticon Air


The Battle for Planet Earth (Audio Book)

Find Your Fate™ *Junior: Transformers #3 - Attack of the Insecticons

Find Your Fate™ *Junior: Transformers #4 - Earthquake


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