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    B.B. is Max Payne's contact in the Drug Enforcement Administration during the detective's undercover infiltration of the Punchinello crime family.

    Very few details exist about the man's background; due to his later actions, it can be assumed that he works as a covert operative for the Aesir Corporation within the DEA.

    B.B. orchestrates the deadly meeting of Payne and Alex Balder at the Roscoe Street Station in 2001 which starts Max Payne's vendetta against his enemies, and he personally kills Balder.

    B.B. also informs the Punchinello family that Max Payne who was working undercover in the crime family, was a cop, which sets up Max against the Finito Brothers.

    In order to finish off his former friend once and for all, B.B. decides to lure Payne into another trap, at the Choir Communications Garage. Payne, however, understood that B.B. had betrayed him and killed Alex, and was already prepared and confronts B.B., who tries to escape and sends his men against the detective.

    He and his men escape inside the garage, and after his men are all killed, he tries to eliminate Payne himself, but is ultimately killed by the fugitive detective.


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