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    A mighty robot created by Hiro Takachiho to be his bodyguard, and friend, and a member of Big Hero 6.

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    Baymax without his armor
    Baymax without his armor

    Monster Baymax began his existence as a science project created by Hiro Takachiho. He was originally designed to be a hydro-powered robotic synthformer programmed to serve as Hiro's personal bodyguard, butler, and chauffeur. However, prior to the project's completion, Hiro's father died and the young inventor programmed Baymax's artificial intelligence using the brain engrains of his recently departed father. With the thoughts and emotions of Hiro's father, Baymax became much more than a robotic bodyguard. He also functions as Hiro's best friend and father figure, and is by his side nearly every hour of every day. Baymax also feels a deep attachment to Hiro's mother; however, Hiro and Baymax decided it was not in her best interest to inform her that her departed husband's memories were used as the basis for Baymax's artificial intelligence, at least for the time being.


    Baymax was created by Scott Lobdell and Gus Vazquez in 1998 and first appeared in Sunfire & Big Hero 6 # 1.

    Major Story Arcs

    Big Hero 6

    Baymax and Hiro
    Baymax and Hiro

    Baymax is programmed to serve and protect Hiro, and is therefore unable to allow his creator to be placed in situations where his well-being might be in jeopardy. When the Giri attempted to recruit Hiro into the fledgling super-team known as Big Hero 6, Baymax was also on their list of potential operatives. Baymax was opposed to the idea of Hiro being placed in harm's way, but acquiesced to joining the team after Hiro's mother was abducted by the Everwraith, the astral embodiment of all those killed in the 1945 nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Baymax continues to serve alongside Hiro on Big Hero 6, where his phenomenal strength, and amazing surveillance and data analysis capabilities have proven very useful.

    Powers & Abilities

    Baymax is an artificial synthformer capable of synthtransing his body into various forms. His default form is a large humanoid male designed to be less conspicuous in public while attending to Hiro's daily needs. His other forms "Battle-Dragon" and "Action-Mecha", are exponentially more powerful and imposing than his default humanoid form, and are primarily used during undercover missions and other hostile operations. When Baymax sustains physical injuries beyond his damage threshold, he automatically reverts to his humanoid form and becomes temporarily depowered.

    In all forms, Baymax is equipped with internal scanners and sensors able to detect and evaluate the threat posed by lifeforms in the immediate vicinity. He can also deploy remote monitors to record events from afar. His feet are equipped with jet engines capable of generating a thrust sufficient to propel him at speeds up to Mach 4. He can send, receive, and intercept radio transmissions, and monitors all networks maintained by the Japanese Ministry of Defense. Baymax is also directly linked to Hiro's personal Core Cyber-Network (CCN). As a result, when Baymax is not in Hiro's cybernetic glasses, so that everything that Hiro sees and hears while wearing the glasses is stored in Baymax's databanks for later reference and analysis.

    Baymax is programmed with fighting techniques from several forms of combat, including karate, tae kwon do, Western boxing, and Wing Chun. He possesses a durable, polymantium endo/exoskeleton resistant to most forms of small ballistics. Baymax uses water as his primary source of power for locomotion. His artificial intelligence system is memory-card-based and contains thoughts and emotions of Hiro's departed father, industrialist Tomeo Takachiho.

    • Height: 6'5'' (humanoid form)
    • Weight: 480 lbs.
    • Eyes: Red
    • Hair: None
    • Occupation: butler, bodyguard, chauffeur, adventurer, agent of the Japanese government
    • Place of Creation: Yoga, City of Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan

    Other Media


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    Big Hero 6

    Baymax appears in the feature length Disney animated film based on Big Hero 6, released in 2014. Here, he he is depicted as an inflatable robot built by Hiro's older brother, Tadashi to serve as a healthcare companion. Although his appearance and origin differ from his comic-book counterpart, the idea behind Baymax is very much the same, being a protector to Hiro.

    Big Hero6: The Series

    Baymax is one of the main protagonists of the Disney XD series.


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