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    A grass type Pokemon, ranked #153 in the National Dex.

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    Bayleef is based of a group of Dinosaurs called Apatosaurus. The plant half is based on the leaves of a Bay Laurel plant.

    Name origin:

    Bayleef is a play on words for bay Leaf, a herb.

    Pokémon Information

    Name in Japanese: ベイリーフ Bayleaf.

    Bayleef as it appears in the Anime
    Bayleef as it appears in the Anime

    Pokédex number: #153.

    Bayleef resembles a yellow sauropod dinosaur. A large leaf shaped like a scythe protrudes from its head. It has red eyes, and has one large toenail on each of its four feet. It has oval shaped leaf-like growths, stated to be buds with small tree shoots inside, sprouting in a ring around its neck.

    Physical Traits:

    Variation Bayleef
    Variation Bayleef
    • Height: 3'11"/ 1.2m.
    • Weight: 34.8 lbs/ 15.8 kg.
    • Eyes: Red with Black pupils.
    • Skin Color: Pale Yellow with green leaves/ Light red with Yellow leaves (Variation).
    • Pokémon Type: Grass.

    Notable Bayleef's

    Ash's Bayleef: Ash's Chikorita evolved into Bayleef in Current Events. Bayleef still had the same personality it had when it was still a Chikorita, but it soon mellowed out.

    Casey's Bayleef: Casey's Chikorita evolved into Bayleef in The Bug Stops Here. It evolved again into a Meganium off screen prior to the events of Here's Lookin' At You, Elekid!.

    Video Game Appearances

    • Gold.
    • Silver.
    • Crystal.
    • Stadium 2.
    • Ruby.
    • Sapphire.
    • Emerald.
    • FireRed.
    • LeafGreen.
    • Diamond.
    • Pearl.
    • Platinum.
    • HeartGold.
    • SoulSilver.
    • Black/Black 2.
    • White/White 2.
    • X.
    • Y.
    • Pokémon Trozei!
    • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team.

    • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness.
    • Pokémon Ranger.
    • Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs.
    • Pokémon Rumble Blast.


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