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When Dr. Rottwell was tired of his biological sister, he got rid of her and created Baylee Ann.


Baylee Ann was created by Cullen Bunn for his run on Wolverine.

Major Story Arc


For more information see: Rot

Dr. Rottwell has been using Wolverine as his personal killing machine and when Logan finally tracks the Doctor back to his Rottwell Estate, he is ambushed by Baylee Ann, Tater and Charlie Chainsaws. Wolverine is able to kill Tater but not before he is paralyzed. While Tater dies and Wolverine is paralyzed Baylee Ann curses Wolverine for killing her lover/brother.

Later back at Dr. Rottwell's lab, Baylee Ann begs to be the one to kill Logan but Dr. Rottwell stops her. Then when Logan escapes he hears Melita Garner and finds her being held by Baylee Ann. Wolverine goes berserk and kills Baylee Ann and kisses Melita. But this all happened in Logan's mind and in fact Melita was really Baylee Ann and Tater is now in control of Logan's body.

Later when the FBI shows up Baylee Ann waits for them on the front porch and shots at least two in the face with her shot gun. Then she finds the real Melita in the woods. When the Tater controlled Logan shows up, Baylee holds Melita while Tater goes to stab her. But at the last second Wolverine takes back control and stabs Baylee Ann instead. he leaves her for dead, swearing Dr. Rottwell will have to pay for forcing Logan to kill a woman.


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