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    Batzarro is Batman's total opposite from Bizarro World.

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    Batzarro may have been created by the Joker when he had Mr. Mxyzptlk powers. He is the exact opposite of Batman in many ways. In complete contrast with the original, Batzarro killed his own parents himself, and says everything out loudly instead of quiet contemplation. He also wears an inverted Bat symbol, has no eyes, yellow fangs, has a "futility belt" instead of a utility belt, which he wears upside down with the pockets open, and has similar speech patterns to Bizarro.

    Escape from Bizarro World

    In the Superman storyline "Escape from Bizarro World" a bizarro version of Batman appears, he has been established as being a different character from Batzarro.

    Angry Bird

    For more information see: Angry Bird

    Batzarro is one of the villians hired by the Penguin to help him take over New York City, starting with Coney Island. He is later seen beating by Harley Quinn and her team.


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