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Unbelievably Mind Blowing


I just do not have words to describe this comic novel. I may need too much words to put forth my review about this book.. but then I do not want to spoil anything for the readers. So let me try....

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Amazingly written and I am not surprised one bit getting such a brilliant story telling coming from none other than Greg Rucka and perfectly carried in the illustration by J.H. Williams III. More on the art later below.

The story is completely captivating. It just absorbs the reader in for it has a huge number of WOW moments and of course the highly looked upon origin of Batwoman. No Batwoman is nothing like any others in the Bat family and definitely not an ordinary vigilante. She has perfect reasons and motives to serve as the Gotham's new protector.

Rucka's attention to details is remarkable. There is an explanation to what the colors of her suit means, when, how and where does all her tech come from, whats the material her suit is made of, etc. Kate Kane is depicted so beautifully with her life swinging between her emotions, stress, career and issues relating to her sexuality that I gained instant respect and attachment to the character. Greg Rucka has not only presented certain things about our society but also passed on a fully modern moral take on it. I am very very happy that I picked this book up & I recommend this book to everybody out there, not just comic readers but also who never have ready any comic till date! This book is HUGE I tell you!!!

Keep in mind that initially this story has some spinning that you may not fully get but read on and the revelations will take you by surprise I tell you!

And oh by the way - This has one of the best Batman appearances ever - IMO.


I am spellbound by the painted art form of illustration used in this book. I have very rarely seen this kind of art (except for Batwoman New 52) where the panels are simply afloat and do not confine to any particular shape. There are pages where the entire spread is showing you some parts of the past while some small nearly bat shaped floating panels show events occurring in present - How cool is that! I do not have to tell you much as you might probably have already googled the images.

Plus - There is a very cool introduction by in the beginning of the book by a non comic industry figure & super cool Batwoman/ Kate Kane art concepts at the last few pages followed by lovely variant cover gallery at the end!!

Simply eye popping and I do not want to say more - just go and grab this book!!!!

This book truly deserves 5 stars!!


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