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Back in 2006, when the news got out that Batwoman was a lesbian, critics were mostly outraged of the idea. I never had the time to check out the issues she star in back then, but with Detective comics recently, I finally got my chance. I don't really read Detective Comics often, even though it has Batman in it. Because of Bruce Wayne's apparent death, Batman Reborn have been shifting the Batman titles at some time. With Detective Comics, Kate Kane aka Batwoman star in issues 854-860. Now those issues are part of a hardcover titled: Batwoman: Elegy.

If you haven't heard of J.H Williams III before, you will after looking at his artwork. His artwork is drop dead gorgeous. Every page demands your attention as the character designs, background, and panels just look outstanding as it captures every mood throughout. I love how some pages combine to make one huge page. The Batwoman design just looks stunning. Considering how both story arcs are, Williams' work goes beyond Gotham City, as he brings in different kinds of fantasy themes such as werewolves, creatures, and the villain Alice. There's a reason why he was nominated for Best Penciller/Inker and Best Cover Artist. On top of that, there are bonus artwork from JG Jones, Jock and Adams and others that look incredible as well. Williams himself also have some rough drafts that are impressive as well.

 For those who are not familiar with Kate Kane, this graphic novel does a fantastic job providing two story arcs: "Elegy" that deals with Kate confronting a villain name Alice who plans to poison Gotham City and "Go" that deals with the aftermath of Alice's revelation towards Kate and goes into further detail in Kate past in what made her the person she is today. Greg Rucka's writing is fantastic as he gives Kate a unique personality of her own besides being gay. She's fun, sarcastic, and determined. Rucka's storytelling also explores issues in the real world such as lesbian relationship, a little bit of religion, and the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy about homosexuality in the military (read up on that).  MSNBC TV host Rachel Maddow who is also gay, gives her take on Batwoman with an introduction.
This book is on the pricey side. I paid about 22 bucks for it (Books a Million discount card helps very little unless you order it online apparently).
Overall, Elegy isn't just a book to reach out to the gay community. Its a book for anyone who's interested in Batwoman. This is also a great time to check it out as later this year, Batwoman is getting her own series with the artwork done mostly by J.H Williams and Amy Reeder Hadley. If you have the money, do yourself a favor and buy this book or at least check it out.

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