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Collecting tales from DETECTIVE COMICS #854-860, Batwoman battles the new High Madame of the Religion of Crime- a madwoman known only as Alice, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, who sees her life as a fairy tale and everyone around her as expendable! Batwoman must stop Alice from unleashing a toxic death cloud over all of Gotham City - but Alice has more up her sleeve than just poison, and Batwoman's life will never be the same.


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The Ironic Elegy. 0

Elegy:  according to –noun, plural -gies. 1. a mournful, melancholy, or plaintive poem, esp. a funeral song or a lament for the dead. 2. a poem written in elegiac meter. 3. a sad or mournful musical composition.   This story is both an Elegy to a certain person in Kate Kane's (Batwoman's) life and a beautiful statement on how a comic should be created.  The sadness in this story brings us close...

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The woman behind the mask of Batwoman 0

Back in 2006, when the news got out that Batwoman was a lesbian, critics were mostly outraged of the idea. I never had the time to check out the issues she star in back then, but with Detective comics recently, I finally got my chance. I don't really read Detective Comics often, even though it has Batman in it. Because of Bruce Wayne's apparent death, Batman Reborn have been shifting the Batman titles at some time. With Detective Comics, Kate Kane aka Batwoman star in issues 854-860. Now thos...

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A Comic Masterpiece 0

The Story: Batwoman comes face to face with a new villain named Alice who is part of the Religion Of Crime.  My Thoughts:I recently read the DC Comics event 52 which marked the first appearance of Batwoman. I instantly fell in love with her character in that series and was eager to read more about her. It was easy to see she wan't your typical female superhero character. I knew there was more than what meets the eyes and I sure wasn't wrong about that. Greg Rucka is by far one of my favorite com...

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