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Batwoman gets all my stars.

Art: Breathtaking. Honestly it feels as if the art in Batwoman has it it's own beating heart. It has so much life and layers that it really does take your breath away. The abstract, flowing panels, the effortless change in styles and the complex and beautiful inking. Masterpiece. I do fear for the future though as he takes a break from art duties. I don't know if anyone can successfully replicate what he is doing here.

Plot: With such an amazing visual aspect to the comic you would think J.H. Williams III would be forgiven with not giving us a top notch story to go along with it but this is not the case. Williams is building a terrific story with lots of layers and unopened doors which is really going to push Kate Kane. I thought the conclusion to the Weeping Woman was done very well but the mystery is not completely solved as she searches further for the missing children. Agent Chase and Director Bones aswell as Batman confront Kate to leave her in a hostile situation with huge decisions to make.

I'm going to go out on the limb and say that Batwoman is now my favourite comic of the New 52. A huge statement I know but Williams III has completely won me over. Some readers are taking issues with the supernatural aspects of the story but I welcome and adore them. Williams is taking the handbook of comics and throwing it out the window and he should be applauded for it. This is what the contemporary comic world should be doing. New, fresh and shocking. I cannot wait for the ride that this comic is going to take me on and I suggest everyone get on board, this could become a legendary series.

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