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5 Issues, 5 Stars 1

J.H. Williams III and W.Haden Blackman are a perfect pair. They have been proving it for four issues now. We are into the issue number five. Do they continue to keep up the story and the brilliant artwork?  THE GOOD: The art is spectacular. The best art in the industry to me right now. The book is just so amazing and it wouldn't be as great with out these amazing pages. The art tells the story itself and it is just amazing. If you haven't seem it, go pick up the book. The story is also perfect. ...

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I'm...Drowning...In This Awesome Series!! 3

Issue five has arrived and is the finale of the first story arc which pit Batwoman against the Weeping Woman who was abducting children. The issue opens with Batwoman hot on the trail of her. Their confrontation was a little peculiar, but in a good way. The illustrations during this part were breathtaking. I liked the way things ended between the two. It gave closure while setting up the next story. If you've been following this series then you know Flamebird revealed Batwoman's secret identity....

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Batwoman gets all my stars. 0

Art: Breathtaking. Honestly it feels as if the art in Batwoman has it it's own beating heart. It has so much life and layers that it really does take your breath away. The abstract, flowing panels, the effortless change in styles and the complex and beautiful inking. Masterpiece. I do fear for the future though as he takes a break from art duties. I don't know if anyone can successfully replicate what he is doing here.Plot: With such an amazing visual aspect to the comic you would think J.H. Wil...

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Batwoman # 5 0

J.H. Williams my # 1 artist of the year, 2011. J.H. Williams is also co-writer in this issue and also W. Haden Blackman is also a great writer that helps create this magnificent comic book. As many times said by many people, the art alone is worth getting this book. There’s the first scene in this issue that is so perfectly drawn and written I had to read it twice because i was that wowed. There’s a ton going on in this issue, like Kate Kane cover is blown by D.E.O. A organization similar to Bat...

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Beyond Enjoyment 0

When I look for comics to read I try to look beyond whether or not I enjoyed a story. Comic book characters in a sense serve as role models for readers. For example, while I can’t become a member of Batman Inc., I can fight crime as a police officer if I want too. If comic book characters are role models then it makes sense to have characters who are male, female, black, white, Latino/a, Asian, heterosexual, lesbian, disabled etc. to maximize the possible range of readers who could identify with...

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"I will solider on." 0

Synopsis: Kate confronts both the past in the Weeping Woman.What's Good?We all have demons that we want to get rid of, and while issue #3 brought them out for Kate, she once again have to confront them again taking on the Weeping Woman once more. Here, we have two characters bothered by the pain of loss and guilt: Kate losing her sister and The Weeping Woman losing her children. Again, what makes Batwoman different from the other Batman titles is that the majority of her foes are supernatural. B...

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Ink Born From the Waters of Life 0

I had, literally one single problem with this issue, and it's so very minor I just need to get it out of the way here. The issue title, Evapotranspiration. Really? That just sounds silly. Combining words can work sometimes, but not here. It sounds extra silly, and especially doesn't work for this serious series.We done with that then? Awesome, because now I want to continue to gush about this series because it deserves every single word and more. J.H. Williams is just... unparalleled in his arti...

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