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    Hidrology again? "Where are my children?"

    Don't get me wrong, but the appeal of this comic book isn't because of the character, isn't because of the plot, isn't because of the writers (though there's a little part here that is valid), no sirs, the fact I'm buying this series from first issue is definitely, 100% because of Mr. J. H. Williams III fantastic, unique and superior art. So, when Trevor McCarthy fills in for him (not critizing the artist), reading this issue was a dred! Also, when you find out that this issue isn't about Batwoman at all, that focus completely on her girlfriend, all my interest was gone, long gone. The story here was boring, the writers are still clinging to the first arc story, that began on september 2011, I respect chronology and threads, but getting stuck with the first arc story is just absurd, move on writers, the time has come for changes!! It's really difficult to not compare this issue with the last three issues, that showed the compelling team up between Wonder Woman and Batwoman, so this is just a waste of time and good paper!! Fans everywhere, don't buy this issue, it has absolutely no connection at all with the previous issues, it will not jeopardize your reading, in fact, if you skip this issue you'll read issue 16 with more pleasure at all!

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