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    A Mixed bag

     I am not sure how I feel about this. I mean its great to have another strong female character out there, and it definitely seems like female heroes are getting a big push in general, but there were just some really off putting things in this.

    Firstly: Batwomans art. The art everywhere else is fine, but when it comes to drawing Batwoman herself it just seems like one person did everything else while someone elses only task was to draw Batwoman, and because of that Batwoman and Kate look absolutely nothing alike. Batwoman comes off looking like someone in her mid to late 30s and Kate comes off looking like someone barely in her 20s.

    Secondly: Bruces apparent incompetence. Bruce as Batman came off as a total buffoon. Are we to believe that a man who spent all his adult life training in every martial arts known to man doesn't know what a simple back flip is? Or someone must be good because they give money to someone they think is a bum. Or how Batman being a master detective can lose a woman and her one night stand in a warehouse district.

    Thirdly: Ambiguity. Why the fuck does Bruce not make mention that he and Kate are fucking cousins?!? Your mother being disowned isn't a legal act Bruce you are still related to the Kanes trust me.

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