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Endings and Beginnings

I'm not sure what Batman's supposed to be doing the way he is one the cover, but his presence does make sense. This is a BRILLIANT foldout cover, the way the twist of a new Batwing is revealed, but the identity is still in question. I gotta say, I LOVE the design for the new Batwing, even if it does seem a bit like Batman Beyond mixed with classic Nightwing. David Zavimbe's Batwing was a little more unique, but the new Batwing's armor is sleeker, and cooler. Though the helmet looks a bit owl-ish.

Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti are given the task of cleaning up all of David's loose ends before they can truly being their own new story, but they do a pretty good job of it. It's one of the few times the 'beginning with the end' storytelling works, mostly because we already know we need a recap, there's not tension we're waiting to see, but story. And even though they have to rush through it, they do a great job at creating a satisfying knot to tie it all up, from Dawn to Ancil to Sky Pirate to Matu, David's story as Batwing is at an end, but David Zavimbe's story is not over yet. It's not clear where or when his exploits will be continued, but I like that he didn't just give up, but instead needs to carry out his mission in his own different way.

The choice for the new Batwing is actually very clever. I'm fairly certain nobody saw it coming, and it has some unique storyline potential. And what little we've seen of this new character, he has the skills required, and not just because he needs to be badass, but in a way that actually makes perfect sense considering his history with other known characters. Although why they needed to say he was Batman's first choice for Batwing has me perplexed, and there's no reason given for why he gave the armor to his second choice; although from what we've seen of the new Batwing, I think David's armor would be restricting to him, and his own armor suits him perfectly.

In Conclusion: 4/5

It's a solid conclusion and the promise of a solid new beginning, but you only need this issue if you've been following Batwing and want closure. Batwing 2.0 doesn't truly begin until next issue, but for David fans, this was a proper sendoff.

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