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Legion of the Lost

It looks like Marcus To's stepping up his cover game, as last month's Batwing cover was badass, and this one also has really nice composition. Batwing takes up the perfect amount of space, with the perfect shape for his wings, and a focal point right on the light source in his hands. The arms reaching for him, creating a bottom border brings it all together with all the elements of the image laid out perfectly.

Batwing, as a whole, is becoming formulaic. Supernatural African warlords, and heroes from Africa's past with dark secrets. Basically it takes the major factors from the first two story arcs individually and uses them both on a smaller scale and less effectiveness. I did like the backstory of Dawn, but it wasn't explored too much.

The action in this issue, and everything else really, flew by in somewhat of a blur, not a whole lot was particularly memorable. Batwing, lately, has become a very average series. There's usually some good ideas and nice artwork, and there's not much that's actually bad; but there's also not a whole lot driving it to stand out.

In Conclusion: 3.5/5

That's it really. Not much to say honestly. It's a series not held back by negative, but a lack of major positives. Winick really needs to jump start this series or it's going to fall into the category of not-woth-it and therefore kind of pointless.

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