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Batwing #14

The Nightmares Never Stop

When I first read Batwing a few months ago, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the story. I was even more impressed by the zero issue that explored David’s tragic background. However, I was very disappointed in last month’s issue, and I began to wonder if I had overestimated the series. Though David and Africa are rich with potential developments, the writer of the series, Judd Winick, has not produced much fruit in either area and has instead taken the time to produce fairly generic villains and heroes for David to encounter. Even Marcus To’s usually fantastic art was underwhelming in the last issue. Does this month’s issue convince me that my original evaluation of the series was correct, or did I show a severe lack of sound judgment in declaring Batwing good quality?

In this issue, Batwing and Dawn battle their way through a group of Followers.

To Is Back in the Game

Marcus To does a better job in this issue than last which is a good thing because over half the issue is action, and To pretty much carries the issue. Father Lost is seen this time around, and I very much like his visual design; he looks quite menacing. It does seem like To is not making sketches as detailed as he has in much of his previous work, but at least what he does draw looks quite good. He especially does a nice job with faces in this issue.

Blah, Blah, Blah

I’m finding it very difficult to find much to say about this issue because there was simply not much to it. The only semi-creative element of the plot was that Father Lost briefly possesses Batwing, but I found this mostly surprising because it came out of nowhere. I did not even know Father Lost possessed psychic powers. It was clear Father Lost had sway over the Followers, but I had no idea he was psychically controlling them. Furthermore, it is conveniently swept away when Dawn places an amulet on him which…apparently makes him possession free.

It was fairly entertaining when David later swept up a woman for interrogation, but honestly, that is Bat Clan 101. We have all seen that move dozens of times. Batwing really does not deserve credit for that.

In addition to the lackluster plot, David has no personal development in this issue. I am tired of only seeing who David was as a child and never seeing who David is in the present. Does this even have a social life?


If I were only judging this story by the creativeness of its plot, it would get a very low score, but despite some unimaginative scripting, the story was still a fun if predictable ride. If you really like Batwing or you just want some decent violence, pick this issue up, but if you are on the fence, sit this arc out.

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