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Secret Wars

The Beyonder created an amalgamated planet where superpowered combatants could battle on two opposing sides -- one representing good, and one representing evil. This Marvel crossover was called Secret Wars and featured some important events. The super villain Titania came to be when she was taken along with her city (Denver, CO) as one of the pieces to form the artificial planet. Spider-Man found his black costume (really an alien symbiote that later bonded with others to form Venom) and started to wear it on this planet during the historical clash.


The Stranger recreated a world similar to the original Battleworld that shared the same name. Much like in Secret Wars, groups were pitted in combat against each other. After the battle, this planet was destroyed.

Secret Wars (2015)

Yet another new Battleworld was created by Dr. Doom, following the destruction of the Multiverse after a series of Incursions. It is located in Earth-15513.

Other Versions

In What If? (vol. 2) #114, an alternate future is explored 25 years after the events of Secret Wars. On this Battleworld, the combatants did not leave after the original crossover.

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