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    A member of 1400 club. He was ordered to new 1400 leader to kill his ex-leader Foreigner.

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    Battlescar, Warzone and Deadaim try to eliminate the Foreigner after his orbiter that provided him with power was destroyed. The Foreigner and Spider Man team up against the three deadly mercenaries. Battlescar would slash the Foreigner's left arm with his claws but would get his claws stuck in a brick wall during the fight. Battlescar is freed by Deadaim's blast but the fight is halted when the Foreigner's satellite comes crashing towards them. Battlescar, Warzone and Deadaim are taken down by the shockwaves caused by the satellite's explosion and they are apprehended by the authorities. 


    Battlescar is a mercenary with sharp claws attached to each finger. Battlescar is formidable in hand-to-hand combat and appears to have enhanced strength.

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