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    Battleaxe was a member of the Grapplers, a female wrestling group gone bad, and Superia's Femizons.

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    Battleaxe was in a female wrestling group called the Grapplers that joined the Unlimited Class Wrestling Foundation. Battleaxe was a client of the Power Broker and had her strength augmented to a super-human level. Battleaxe defeated Titania in the ring and became the new champion in the women's division. Battleaxe taunted Titania after the match and told her she would take her place as the new spokesperson for the new Grapplers. Titania felt disrespected because she was the one that started the Grapplers before the UCWF was even invented. The Thing intervened and the rest of the Grapplers held Titania back. Titania would hit the showers when a female wrestler named Golddigger assassinated her with a high powered gun. The assassin was later revealed to be the Scourge of the Underworld in disguise. Battleaxe and the Thing heard the screams and headed into the Grapplers locker room. The Thing sees Golddigger and she tells him that Titania was shot in the shower by a man. Battleaxe went into the showers and saw Titania splattered all over the wall. Battleaxe was so upset that a man had killed Titania and attacked the Thing. The Grapplers enter the room and Battleaxe tells them Titania was shot by a man. Auntie Freeze tells her girls to detain the Thing while she calls the police. Sharon Ventura was able to diffuse the situation when she asked Battleaxe if the Thing was with her when they heard the gunshot. Battleaxe replied yes and the girls let the Thing go.  

    The next day, Battleaxe goes to Ed Garner, the president of the UCWF and proposes a match between her and the Thing. Garner is hesitant but Battleaxe tells him a match between the male and female champ would be a hit and they could make millions. Garner proposes the idea to the Thing but he disagrees with the whole thing and tells Garner to count him out. Battleaxe calls the Thing an orange chicken and that he was afraid to lose to a skirt. Later that night, the Thing and Sharon Ventura are having dinner. The Thing and Ventura get into a heated argument when she tells Grimm that she was planning to see the Power Broker so they can increase her strength. Sharon storms off and the Thing calls Garner. He tells the president that he changed his mind and that he would fight Battleaxe. The Thing refused to hit Battleaxe during their match and realized his female opponent was fighting him as if he was the man that killed Titania. Battleaxe was so intent on beating a man and she wanted blood. Grimm didn't want to be known as a chump who gets his jollies by pounding on women so he was in a bad predicament. Grimm decides to throw the fight and goes down after Battleaxe hits him with a thunderous right punch. The crowd cheered for her but Battleaxe realized that the Thing let her win and she hated him for it. Battleaxe refused to accept the gold belt for the men's division and slammed it to the ground. She forfeits the match and leaves the ring. 

     Battleaxe with the Femizons.
     Battleaxe with the Femizons.

    Battleaxe would later join Superia and her group of super-powered females. She is one of many female villains that join the Femizons where Superia had plans to create a utopia where women ruled the world and men became their slaves. The Femizons come into conflict with Captain America and Paladin and both men are captured. Black Mamba, Asp and Diamondback would betray Superia and the Femizons by helping Captain America and Paladin escape. Battleaxe, Steel Wind and Golddigger would later confront Asp and Black Mamba in a sleazy hole in the wall place called "The Bar" where super villains can socialize and get drinks. Battleaxe tells the girls that they look like the ones that betrayed Superia and both girls had a price tag on their heads of ten grand each, dead or alive. Asp zaps Battleaxe and Steelwind with a venom blast while Mamba uses her darkforce phantom on Golddigger. Battleaxe quickly recovers and throws Asp into her BAD girl partner. Battleaxe is about to chop off a limb with her axe until she is suddenly hit in the face by a metal javelin. A former Femizon named Impala joins the fray and tussles with Battleaxe. Impala’s speed and agility make Battleaxe look like a clumsy sloth as she crashes through a wooden table. Impala joins her new friends while Battleaxe lay beaten and humiliated. Sometime later, Battleaxe is seen attending the AIM Weapons Exposition on an island protected by international law.

    Battleaxe would have a brief encounter with Ms. Marvel outside a restaurant. Ms. Marvel speaks on her cell phone as she fights Battleaxe. The former Grappler goes down after one punch. Suddenly a group of Chilean army soldiers appear and ensnare Battleaxe with an electric bolo-net. Battleaxe is captured and taken to the Puppet Master who was capturing super-powered females for his collection. 

    Powers & Abilities

    Battleaxe has superhuman strength, stamina and durability. She is a skilled wrestler and formidable in hand-to-hand combat.


    Battleaxe usually carries two double-edged axes as her weapon of choice. She can use her axes as range weapons when she hurls them at her opponents. 


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