Battle for the Cowl

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    Battle for the Cowl is the story arc that continues the event of Batman RIP. Chaos is overrunning Gotham City and Batman is nowhere to be seen. Who will take up the mantle?

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    In Battle for the Cowl Gotham City is under fire.  With the apparent death of the Batman, the city is literally on the brink of destruction.  When someone masquerading as the Black Mask blows up Arkham Asylum, the city literally goes to hell.  With Black Mask organizing the criminals attacks on the city, the city turns to their other heroes to defend it.  But what happens when Nightwing and Robin aren't enough?   What happens when everyone tells Dick to claim the mantle of the Bat while he seemingly has a fear to step into that position. 
    A new player, someone masquerading around as a Batman, a more violent Batman sets to bring order out of the chaos the real heroes take siege against him.  When all hope seems lost the Bat Family forges together, to reclaim to mantle of the Bat and place it on to the one person who rightfully deserves it.  One thing is for certain, once he takes the mantle things are going to change.  The question is though, is this what Bruce wanted his legacy to be? 

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