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Sometimes I feel like this comic never slows down, I mean sure there is a lot of talking, a lot of history, but at the same time, its always combined with action and its not even bad action either, its perfect! The comic starts off with a defense outpost being completely slaughtered by the most interesting band of villains I've ever seen, ranging from Brass Demur, a giant crushing people with one hand to the nameless babe with a striking similarity to Monika, how could you not love a comic after seeing those goodies?

Then we have a little interesting history between Gully and Garrison, quite interesting, I'm hoping to see more depth into it. We learn after that that the plans of the band of villains is to burn the capital city to the ground, slaughtering hundreds until one man comes out, Garrison, the man who swore to his deceased lover that he would never become the violent person he once was, at that moment who should appear but the mysterious man who taught Garrison, who then uncovers this mystical sword that had been the cross of Garrison's lover's grave, I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE GARRISON IN ACTION!

And to top everything off, back in the city, Knolan seems to have met his match AND the HOOOTTT woman is revealed to be possessed by Bulgrim, a fierce reddish-demon that she cannot control...AWESOME!!

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