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Following the destruction of Skyhold its been reported a number of dangerous criminals have been released. At Outpost Zeta a dark skinned female in scraps of clothing staggers towards into view. the man desert the post despite the warnings that one escapee might be female. She begs them to run... but too late as the squad are rushed but hulking figures and the the outpost destroyed. One guard remains and sees the girl again.. but now shes pale skinned and walking trance like. 
 In Capital City the king refuses to surrender the city to the escaped criminals of Skyhold as they lay waste to the outer areas, setting fires as they make their point.

Gully's reunion with her fathers friend Garrison does not go well as she see him as the one who deserted her family. Reflecting on his past at his wifes grave Garrison is visited by Maestro, who delivers news of Capital city, and they fight over issues in their past. Garrison falls against the monument to his departed wife and the cross stone splits and reveals his sword encased inside.  
Knolan and his robot friend have reached Capital City and soon join the battle against the attackers. Gully comes across the pale woman and notices the wide bracelet on her arm. She calls it pretty with its red stones.. as the woman begs her to leave... and within moments she is transformed into a huge demonic creature who refers to the bracelet as Bulgrim's Prison and shes curse for eternity by it. 
Meanwhile Garrison cuts his hair.. and prepares to return to his soldiering past as he asks forgiveness of his wife.



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Sometimes I feel like this comic never slows down, I mean sure there is a lot of talking, a lot of history, but at the same time, its always combined with action and its not even bad action either, its perfect! The comic starts off with a defense outpost being completely slaughtered by the most interesting band of villains I've ever seen, ranging from Brass Demur, a giant crushing people with one hand to the nameless babe with a striking similarity to Monika, how could you not love a comic after...

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