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I Love this Series!

Well, I finally got to read Issue 2 of this awesome series and was not disappointed, I am really loving this series and think EVERYONE should read it. First off, I enjoyed this little intro to "The Garrison", it was a nice little story and it makes me wonder of things to come and I am really wanting to see this legendary swordsman in action. Another high point was the attack on Calibretto and Gully, and seeing the gloves in action, it was spectacular, the sight of watching a little girl murder a beast, it can't get any better than that. Yet an even better part was seeing this obscure man, as he inhabited his (very attractive) doll and using it to kill an overweight thief, it was fantastic, and now that I know he's going for Knolan, I'm expecting to see him a lot more! But overall, the best part of the comic was the last three pages, where I got to see Red Monika, truthfully she was hot and it made for a great ending, but story-wise, seeing her didn't really do anything for me so I have to admit, it wasn't actually the best part.

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