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WOW!! 0

Okay, for some reason I decided to read the first issue of Battle Chasers just to try out something new and see if I liked it or not and I must say this comic is AWESOME in every way! Usually it takes me awhile to read through a comic but this one was just too good to pause in. The art is amazing! The story even better! And the suspense is the greatest!The story is just so gripping and the characters so intriguing, from dark Garrison, to sexy Monika, to confused Gully, to the gentle giant Calibr...

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Dungeon & Dragons Adventures. 1

Battle Chasers seems like it is going to be some kind of Dungeons and Dragony type of comic.  The chick named Red Monika was pretty nice to look at and well, the story isn't half bad either.   I mystery is currently being solved by a little girl whose dad is missing, presumed dead by most.  Meanwhile Red Monika is recruiting for some kind of heist.It is too early to be able to judge this series.  I have heard good things, but so far it's been pretty cliche in a D & D way.Hopefully it develop...

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Battlechasers is the best comic ever in the universe! Its beautiful and smooth story. I love this! I miss this! I am really glad to buy this issue seriously! It is uniquely one of a kind of different comic universe! Excuse my exclaims. Gee, I must be crazy about this.  Good: Art. Writing. Both are so wonderful!  Bad: a little bit mistake.  Verdict: For most male, you must buy this. I am not sure if women have a taste in this cuz women might have liked Red Monika not because of sexy woman. She ca...

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