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    Battle Beast nearly killed Invincible and almost defeated the Guardians of the Globe all in search for worthy adversaries. His race is part of the Coalition of Planets.

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    The Leonine extra-terrestrial Battle Beast claims to have conquered a thousand worlds and that galactic empires tremble at the sound of his name. These boasts remain unverified, but given his might, could well be true. He lives for the fight, viewing personal combat as sport, seeking to test himself against worthy adversaries, which, given his power levels, are few and far between. When he encounters a meritorious foe Battle Beast likes to claim a trophy from them, usually their decapitated head.

    Battle Beast recently visited Earth, having been informed by unspecified parties that it would provide him fierce and challenging opponents. Under undisclosed circumstances he was employed by the crimelord Machine Head as an enforcer and bodyguard. When Titan and Invincible invaded Machine Head's headquarters, Battle Beast was amongst the hirelings ordered to stop them. Battle Beast claimed to be mildly impressed by Invincible's strength, but still easily overpowered him. The arrival of the Guardians of the Globe seconds later may well have spared Invincible's life, while the rest of the Guardians easily defeated Battle Beast's fellow villains, Bulletproof and Black Samson double-teamed the alien menace. Neither proved a match for him, and within seconds he left both men severely injured. Announcing to the rest of the heroes that he could not be bothered to kill them all as they were no contest, and angrily proclaiming Earth had nothing to offer him by way of real sport, Battle Beast angrily teleported away.

    Since Battle Beast departed Earth, he, or another similar member of his species, has been seen sitting on the council of the Coalition of Planets. Given that the Coalition are seeking ways to oppose the growing threat of the Viltrumites, and Battle Beast's desire to test himself in combat, perhaps Battle Beast has offered his services to the Coalition in hope of finally finding worthy foes. He is later seen in captivity with the Viltrumites who have been sent to execute Nolan. There he, Allen the Alien and Nolan stage a breakout, though Battle Beast is solely in it for the joy of the battle and not any altruistic tendencies. During this battle he is able to fight an adult Viltrumite to a standstill and is implied to be superior.

    When recruiting superpowered individuals to fight against the Viltrumite Empire, Invincible and Nolan learned that Battle Beast was a messiah figure to his people. He turned their planet into a utopia, but the violence required made him addicted to it. He went into outer space to satisfy his thirst for battle. His people still hope for his return.

    He was eventually recruited by the Coalition of Plants to fight in the Viltrumite War. He was constantly on the front lines barely accepting help from anyone. He participated in the assault on the Viltrumite homeworld where he killed several Viltrumites. However, when he attacked Grand Regent Thragg he was quickly overpowered and his neck broken. It is unknown if he survived.

    Character Information

    • Real name: Unrevealed
    • Occupation: World conqueror, hunter
    • Identity: Existence unknown to the general population of Earth
    • Legal status: Wanted by U.S. authorities
    • Former aliases: Scourge of Twin Galaxies
    • Place of birth: Unrevealed
    • Marital status: Unrevealed
    • Known relatives: None
    • Group affiliations: Machine Head (bodyguard)
    • Base of operations: Unknown
    • Height: 7' 6"
    • Weight: 775 lbs
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: White
    • Strength level: Battle Beast possesses superhuman strength that is comparable to the most elite Viltrumite warrior; he is strong enough to easily lift/press/carry thousands of tons with minimal effort.

    Known Superpowers

    Battle Beast is a superbly trained warrior and highly skilled hunter, whose abilities have been honed to the peak of perfection. He has attained nearly unparalleled proficiency in the use of all known hand wielded weapons and combat apparatus. His mastery of all known fighting systems and his own unique hand to hand armed combat styles combined with is unlimited endurance, physical prowess and high resistance to injury make Battle Beast one of the most formidable opponents in the known universe. His senses are highly acute. His vision is superior at nigh in comparison to humans, allowing him to see clearly in near total darkness. His visual acuity in normal light allows him to see at 80 feet what most humans can see at 10 feet. His hearing is so sensitive that he can clearly hear changes in acoustic pressure of -10 decibels (where as a the human hearing range is from 20 dB to 140 dB). Battle Beast can detect the tiniest variances in sound, distinguishing differences of as little as one-tenth of a tone. He can hear sounds at great distances, four to five times farther away than humans. His sense of smell is about 14 times stronger than a human's Battle Beast's whiskers (technically called vibrissae) can aid with navigation and sensation. His whiskers detect very small shifts in air current enabling him to know he is near obstructions without actually seeing them. Like similar large predatory feline mammals, he can deliver a lethal neck bite with his long canine teeth that severs the victim's spinal cord, or asphyxiate it by crushing the windpipe.


    Battle Beast makes use of a variety of weapons. He frequently employs heavy bladed weapons and swords as well as large flanged maces, cudgels and quarter staffs.


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