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    Batman of the 46th Century.

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    Batman is the disembodied consciousness of a future Batman whose mind had been uploaded into the Batcave computers before he died. He continues to fight crime after his death, by remotely animating an intangible holographic form that is covered in flat, bat-shaped robotic probes. He uses this costume of smart fabric bats to accomplish many tasks such as attacking his enemies and scouting out surrounding areas.

    The Unknown Superman is his ally and together they have fought against the Greater Darkness and the Lord of Time.

    Current Events

    Batsman hasn't appeared since his feature debut, but is recognized still for being an alternate/future version of Batman.

    Powers & Abilities

    Batsman has almost all the original abilities of Batman (Bruce Wayne), but the addition of a more advanced and specialized Bat-Suit, and can phase through walls. He is also an expert in many forms of martial arts.


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