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Dr. Demonicus created Batragon after he discovered a meteor that possessed unknown properties of cosmic radiation he called the lifestone. Demonicus subjected the tissues of various lifeforms that included a bat and a komodo dragon to the meteor's radiation. He then extracted the hormones from the mutated tissues and injected them back into the lifeforms. Then Demonicus exposed the hormone treated organisms to the meteor and they began to mutate into monsters which resulted as Batragon becoming his first creation. Demonicus sent Batragon to attack a tanker carrying precious oil in the North Pacific which attracted the monster known as Godzilla. The two monsters engaged in battle over the sea but Godzilla damaged one of Batragon's wings. Batragon is hurt and flees the scene. Godzilla pursues Batragon to the icy shores of an island in the Aleutian Chain and sees the wing creature spiral down the mouth of a long-dormant volcano.  
Inside the volcano is a glowing meteorite embedded in the floor with Dr. Demonicus's futuristic command center jutting from the side of the wall. A weblike forcefield contained more gigantic creatures that depended on the energy from the lifestone. Godzilla would reach the mouth of the volcano and goad Batragon into battle. Batragon soars upward in rage and straight through the forcefield. The two monsters engage in a fierce battle but Batragon is killed by Godzilla when he slams the mutated bat into the side of the mountain.   


Batragon was created by Doug Moench and Tom Sutton in 1977 and first appeared in Godzilla King of the Monsters # 4.   

Powers & Abilities

Batragon was a gigantic, mutated bat creature that had superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Batragon could fly and had sharp claws. Batragon was dependent on the lifestone and periodically returned to the radiated meteorite to heal its injuries.

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