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    Batou is the lead Investigator for Section 9, and a powerful cyborg. He is one of the main male characters from the Ghost in the Shell series, and second in command of his squad after Motoko Kusanagi.

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    Batou was created by renowned manga scribe, Masamune Shirow, the creator of the Ghost in the Shell series.


    Batou is arguably the most prominent male character in the Ghost in the Shell manga and anime series, and the second most prominent character in the series after Motoko Kusanagi. He is also one of the most cybernetically enhanced members of Japan's Public Security Section 9.

    He serves Section 9 as its lead investigator, as well as a combat expert and a master marksman.


    Batou first served as a Sargeant in the Army Rangers before undergoing cyberization and joining Public Security Section 9. It was there that he met Motoko, with whom he would develop feelings of attraction that would largely go unresolved.

    Batou frequently jokes with Motoko, Togusa, the Tachikomas, and practically everyone else, but his serious side becomes much more pronounced when people close to him are hurt or threatened. His short temper is also usually the reason why he does not get the commanding roll in most missions.

    Since joining Section 9, Batou has become Motoko's frequent partner. He is also often teamed with Togusa who he tends to hang out with when not on duty. He also shares an affable relationship with Section Chief, Aramaki, but is not above questioning orders when tempers flare.

    Batou has a favorite Techikoma (the think tanks that operate for Section 9 and are capable of sentience).


    Batou specializes in boxing and hand to hand combat, but is also an expert in the martial arts generally. He is a great marksman with almost any weapon as well. His most noted feature are his cybernetic eyes which grant him a variety of visual abilities. He also spends considerable time excersizing in order to keep himself in peak physical condition.


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