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Heroes "Cast Shadows" warm to us, cold to her 0

The Premise of this story is that Poison Ivy is doing well in her rehabilitation, until her light source is blocked by a skyscraper that casts its shadow over Arkham.  This of course upsets Ivy and she uses her female sex appeal to seduce the medical staff to help her in her plot for revenge. What is nice about a prestige like this that since it is a self contained book, its deadlines are different from the ongoing series.  A writer like Ann Nocenti can write to her own tempo and a gifted ...

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Poison Ivy: Cast Shadows Review and thoughts. 0

There is light and then there is darkness and in between shades of gray.A new skyscraper cast shadows over Pamela Isley's cell in Arkham. Her plants are dying. She is dying. At the same time we havea series of attempted murders of the building's developers and financial elite and Batman comes to investigate the case. Who is responsible?Ann Nocenti writes a flawless Poison Ivy story. She is not a villain. She is the victim. Above all she is a smart scientist that wants to help the world, not just...

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