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    Batmankoff is an Elseworld's version of Batman from Earth-30. In this Universe he is a Russian terrorist hell-bent on bringing down the Communist Party.

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    Batmankoff had his parents killed by Russian Communists, and swore vengeance on the corrupt government, donning the name of Batman(koff) and terrorizing Russia's government.

    Major Story Arcs

    Superman : Red Son

    After watching his parents get shot down by a Soviet officer, Batmankoff donned the cowl of a seemingly unstoppable terrorist to plague the Soviet Union to avenge the death of his parents and all the other lives claimed by Russia's government. His most highlight-able attack was on Superman and Wonder Woman during a "Superman Day" celebration. Wonder Woman failed to show up for the party and when the fire works went off--which were supposed to take the shape of Superman's Soviet Insignia-- It formed a large Iconic Bat-signal in the sky, which attracted the Comrade of Steel's attention.

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    Batmankoff was on the roof of a building waiting for him, along with Wonder Woman, who was tied to a chair with her own Magic Lasso, and warned Superman of the trap he entered when it was too late, Batkoff emerged from the shadows with a detonator in his hand, and Superman saw it lead to a bomb in his small intestine. Superman took no threat from the threat when Batkoff ignited a Solar lamp that beamed across the entire rooftop, which Confused the Comrade of Steel even more.. "Let it burn for a thousand or so years and I May get a heat rash," Superman remarked, which was followed up by a punch in the jaw by Batmankoff, which knocked Superman on the ground like any ordinary man. Superman still didn't realize what was going on, and tried to take Batmankoff out with a swift blast of Heat-vision, that did not ignite. Batmankoff punched him in the jaw again. "Strange Visitor From another Planet!!! Last Son of a Dying World! Everything they needed to defeat you could be found in those two phrases, Superman!! All we need to do was create the right conditions!!" yelled the Dark Knight, while beating the Champion of Russia to a pulp. Then he recalled how the solar lamps that simulated Krypton's native red sun was Lex Luthor's Idea, and after he got his fill on beating the new leader of Soviet Russia he locked him in a broom closet with red solar lamps on, and left him to die.

    But, to his surprise, Wonder Woman was able to break free from her Magic Lasso--scarring her horribly--and managed to turn off the solar lights and free Superman. Batkoff, fearful of what he's going to do with him, sets off the bomb in his small intestine and blows the building down, effectively ending his reign of terror. However, after his death, many citizens of the country are inspired by this and make their own organization with Batman costumes to try and rebel against Russia.

    Powers & Abilities

    It is inferred that Batmankoff also has the same abilities as the mainstream Batman, which include:

    Batmankoff has been said to be trained in every martial art known to man, and out of every single one of those forms of fighting he knows 127 that are deadly. These 127 are the main forms of fighting that make up his normal fighting style. He is known to change his styles in order to become unpredictable to his opponents.

    Because of his training Batmankoff has also mastered nearly all weapons known to man, even most firearms. Batman's combat skill surpasses most metahumans and normal men, and he even knows every pressure point and nerve strike in the human body, as well as dim mak ("death touch") techniques. These can cause dangerous pain to his enemies which can lead to dizziness, numbness, unconsciousness, temporary paralysis, disorientation, and even death


    Batmankoff is most notable for his use of gadgetry. Due to his wealth, money is no obstacle to the development of various gadgets and paraphernalia he uses in fighting crime. The most recognizable of these is the Batarang, a razor throwing weapon that has a returning ability similar to a boomerang. This was slowly replaced by his grappling hook as a favored gadget over time. Other items include smoke or flash grenades, caltrops, a re-breather, and various types of anti-venom. His heels have a sonic device which can summon a swarm of bats. This allows for dramatic escapes or diversions to keep his enemies busy.


    The Batsuit is a experimental military body armor that is too expensive for the military to produce. Various bat-suit designs have appeared over the years, but all maintain the fact that Bruce's suit is tear resistant, bulletproof, and immune to temperature extremes(will not melt if in contact with fire,etc.)

    For more information, go to bat-suits.


    Throughout many revisions, all the versions of Batmankoff's cape still retain the scalloped wing design at the bottom of the cape. The cape is used to help conceal Batmankoff in the shadows, and it has also been used as a sort of parachute/glider. But Batman has never truly been able to fly using any of the various versions of his cape, seeing that he is usually on the ground or in the shadows.

    Utility Belt

    Batman's toys
    Batman's toys

    Batmankoff’s utility belt is one of his most iconic items of that he carries(alongside his bat symbol), and everyone in the "Batman Family" has the same designs on their utility belts. Batmankoff had designed the pockets to be locked, and only he knows how to open them. His belt has a security device on it where it can electrically shock someone or detonate an explosive device to prevent anyone from tampering with it. It is made of a leather strap with a solid steel buckle. There are also compartments that hold collapsible "Batarangs." Other equipment Batman carries include various kinds of venom to stun his opponents in his utility belt and boots, as seen in Batman: Year One.

    It is a crime fighting kit that batman has outfitted to contain only the most advanced of technologies. Its contents include batarangs, a grappling hook, forensics kit(used on crime scenes), and electronic communicators.

    Note that in Superman : Red Son, the equipment of Batmankoff may vary due to him using more lethal, and dark tactics.


    While he is in physical peak and has many gadgets, Batmankoff has had numerous vehicles to help him get the jump on villains. Bat-cars, Bat-jet, ect.


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