Batman/Captain America #1

    Batman/Captain America » Batman/Captain America #1 released by Marvel on December 1996.

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    American Icons. Batman and Captain America have been thrilling readers for three generations. Now these quintessential heroes appear together for the first time in an historic comics event.

    In the forties, Batman and Robin, once again, chase Joker. He escapes.

    At the same time, Captain America (with Easy company) renders a Nazi war machine useless.

    Then Captain America is transported to the States, to Gotham city, to save washington DC from a dreadful weapon. Stolen by a mysterious nemesis.

    Then, Captain and Batman happen to be in the same place at the same time and fight against a few nazis.

    Bruce Wayne is suspected to be a part of the conspiracy. Therefore, Steve Rogers is ordered to watch his every move.

    As the story progresses, Rogers winds up trading a few blows with Wayne. Both notice that each of their fighting styles seem familiar. Very familiar indeed. Instantly, they figure out each others identities. Then they decide to (with Bucky and Jason Todd) to save Washington DC together.

    The mysterious menace is revealed to be Red Skull. He hires Joker to steal the nuclear bomb, which is supposed to destroy Washington DC. That, Joker does.

    Later on, Skull attempts to murder Batman and Bucky. They survive the murder attempt, naturally.

    At the same time, Robin and Cap go around Gotham city.

    Then, when Joker wants to collect his fee for the job well done, he disagrees with Skull, which ends up with Joker getting conked. Skulls men take the bomb and Joker to the plane.

    Then it`s time for the grande finale. Batman and Cap fight against Skulls men. Joker fights against Red Skull. The capitol is saved.

    Years later, the frozen Steve Rogers is woken up, and he once again, meets batman and the first Robin.


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